Try to Force Her into Staying

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By: northgate

She may have made you tiny but you still have the lamp and she needs you to tell her where it is. You think this is just an illusion of power she has over you. You say, "No Jasmine, I won't tell you where your lamp is until you give yourself to me for some awesome love making.

"Well if that's what you really want.", she tells him and carries him to the bed and lays down with him. She shimmies out of her undergarments and then Joe sees what she has in mind and starts to scream at her to stop. "This is you wish to make awesome lovemaking and you will get it. I'm going to as they say rock your world.", she says as she lowers him down to her vagina. She slips him in and pushes him off her fingertip and he uses his tiny body to grab anything he can to keep himself from falling. He grabs on to a nearby round object and hugs it. "perfect", he hears Jasmine say, "Now give me lots of hugs and kisses there."

Joe complies for fear of his life a nd he experiences gigantic organisms over and over as he does what he can to keep this giant genie satisfied. Finally she rests and he hears her say, "So will you tell me where the lamp is now that you got your wish or do you need to stay in there until I am ready for you again?"

Joe yells, "Yes, yes, I'll tell you" and amazingly Jasimine can hear him from deep inside her.

"Go on. I hear you", she replies giving him a squeeze from inside with her amazing muscles to let him know who the boss is. "Tell me where it is"

Joe immediately responds just wanting this to be over and tells her the exact hiding place and she responds and fishes him out of her pussy and into the palm of her hand. She holds him up to her face and tells him, "You better not be lying or it will be worse that that was for you." She turns her palm into a nearby empty glass flower vase and Joe slides to the bottom trapped while she investigates the basement for her lamp.

Joe is relieved when he sees her return with the lamp. "Now all is complete", she tells him, "I have granted three wishes and I have the lamp so I have my freedom until someone is clever enough to capture me again. Sooner or later it will happen. It is fate for us genies. As for you my little lover, that session we had was truly awesome and I think I may need a few more repeat performances to teach you a lesson for trying to trick me. Jasmine blinks and a heart shaped locket appears in her hand. "You like it?" she asks as she blinks again not waiting for your response and you are transported inside the locket. The intricate metal design lets you see out but there is no escape for you from it.

"What are you doing?", you cry out to Jasmine who holds the locket up to the lisht to examine it with you inside.

"Keeping you safe for now", she says, "until I need you again which probably won't be too long from now. I can't have relations with human but you are no longer a a human man so it is a loophole that will finally allow me satisfaction and revenge for your trickery at the same time." She fastens the locket around her neck and says, "Now where shall we go first, the French Riviera or Las Vegas?"

Your choices:

  1. Beach at the French Riviera
  2. Casino in Las Vegas

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