Give Jasmine the Lamp and Be Nice.

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By: northgate

Joe is intimidated by the giantess who is hundreds of times his size and annoyed at him. "Okay, okay", he tells her, "I'll show you where it is. Just don't hurt me." He quickly shows Jasmine the hiding place in the basement of the mansion and she retrieves it.

"I should leave you down here and make you find your own way back to me for your last wish. Maybe a spider would get you first", she tells Joe.

He shudders at the thought but is thankful when she takes him back upstairs to the main room where she puts the lamp down on the table. She opened her fist and Joe was lying on her palm as she peered down at him. "So what do you have to say for yourself, now", she asks him with a still annoyed tone to her voice.

"I'm sorry", he replies, "I just wished we could be together forever."

"So be it", Jasmine says ominously and she blinks her eyes.

Joe yells back, "Wait that wasn't...", but he is cut off. He is still in the palm of her hand however he has found himself encased in a perfectly clear faceted jewel not much bigger than him. He can see Jasmine smiling down at him but he can't speak or move. Joe watches as her fingertip stokes the surface of the jewel slowly.

She picks up the jewel which is attached to a gold chain that she places upon her neck and lets the jewel dangles down just above her breasts. She hesitates a moment looking at it in the mirror. "There you go, my little one. Now you have your wish and you can be close to me forever as one of my precious belongings. Best of all as long as you are in there, the magic jewel will sustain you and you won't ever age or die. You can just stay there for all eternity and think of me." She let out a little giggle. "Well I have things to do, little one, so let's go" With that comment, Jasmine blinked and the house along with her and the lamp disappeared in a flash.

The End.

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