The Peeved Giant Genie

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By: derekthedalek

As Joe feels a sudden energy and bright light hit him he becomes aware of an odd sensation which quickly dissolves. When he next looks he realises that he is now a fraction of his former size, the figure of Jasmine looming over him more than a little ticked off.

Joe starts to reckon that maybe trying to get Jasmine to become his lover was a bad idea as the Genie bends down, picks him up and holds him tightly between a pair of fingers on his right hand as she brings him up to her irritated face.

When Jasmine speaks it has an echoing style to it which makes the young man more than a little nervous. "There. That'll teach you for being a pain to me. Just be grateful I'm not holding you tight enough to squish you, or else eating you or any number of particularly unpleasant things I can think offf the top of my head for you. Now I doubt you deserve it, but I am prepared to be forgiving if you tell me where you placed the lamp and then make wishes which are more virable. How does that sound, hm?" Joe is pleased to hear that some of her initial anger has faded from her voice, and now she is simply speaking in a gentle yet commanding manner.

Joe tries to think what to do, and the desire to have Jasmine as his lover versus the possibility of angering her further occurs to him. Part of him actually enjoys his present circumstances - not the threat of pain perhaps, but it is certainly interesting to have Jasmine as such a beautiful Giantess in front of him.

After a moment he comes to three choices. One is simply to tell her where the lamp is and hopefully she'll be ok enough to let you return to full size. Second would be to still tell her the location of the lamp but enjoy her current size - perhaps with her lamp returned to her Jasmine might be more prepared to grant him more gentler pleasures in her current state. Or he could simply try to push his luck and see if he can actually get her to join him through pressure of her lamp loss. Its risky but who knows - she might agree to it, but even if she does he's likely to not have a particularly pleasant girlfriend if she's been forced into such a role. Perhaps if she had the lamp and he asked nicely enough, or maybe even used a wish to free her, she might relent and be his love interest.

Best make a choice quick - you don't want to keep Jasmine waiting.

Your choices:

  1. Give Her the Lamp and Try and Get Her to Stay Nicely.
  2. Give Her the Lamp and Focus on Wish Making.
  3. Try and Trick Her into Staying?

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