A Twist Of Fate For Cheating Genies

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By: derekthedalek

"Nooooo!" You scream between gritted teeth. "I shall not be not be defeated by mere technicalities! RETURN, CHEATER! RETURN!"

There is a surprising sound as the still wavering drifts of smoke in the air reforms and the amazed form of Jasmine reappears, this time trapped in some form of chains. Even the Harem Girls you're supposed to own for not knowing a language are pretty shocked by the girl holding your tiny form pauses before giving you to her many friends.

Jasmine looks about with some surprise and then anger at you. "What the heck... how am I back? I granted all your stupid wishes and now I'm chained with magic? You can't have that sort of power!"

You give a little smirk. "True, normally I would be stuck with the twisting way you warp perfectly sound wishes. But I was clever - I made you inadvertly promise not to twist wishes the way I wanted them. So you now have to undo the cheating you made - in other words, I can change size whenever and however I like - and don't give me that cock and bull story about 'limitations with the human brain' cause it's crap and you know it - and my harem will obey me - have them all speak English or allow me to speak all their languages, whatever. And Jasmine, if you twist anything else you'll have to come back and undo that too. And coming back will be more painful each time, I'm guessing. So in other words... DO. AS. I. WANT."

Jasmine stares at you, then the chains and finally gives a scream of indignation. "Ugh! Foiled by my own twisting the rules! Fine then - I'll grant your wishes properly." She glumly nods her head. "You can change your size whenever you want. And your harem girls speak english and do as you say at any size. Now can I go?"

You mentally wish to be full size, then an inch tall, then full size again. As soon as you think each thought you are that size again and you smile. "Ok, you can go. Know you'll come straight back by my command if you've cheated again."

Muttering to herself Jamine as least manages to give a curt nod before vanishing. You turn to the nearest two girls and order some tea, which they go and get for you, now speaking perfect English. You wrap your arms round another and kiss her passionately, anxious to ensure that you treat your new prizes fairly but firmly. You head off in the direction of the nearby bedroom with some of the girls, half wondering if Jasmine won't try some pesky revenge thing or still try twisting your wishes round. If she does, you'll be ready for the meanie, that you will...

Your choices:

  1. No problems ensue and you enjoy your harem micro-sized.
  2. Jasmine attempts some petty revenge - are you prepared>

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