Wish for a Loyal Harem.

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By: northgate

"Done and done", Jasmine says with a blink of her eyes. There is a flash and you see a bevy of beautiful harem girls wandering around your mansion. "Perfect you think. Now to try out my second wish", you think. You concentrate and think, "I wish to be three inches tall." without even realizing for a moment that you are already five inches tall and small may not be the best idea.

A beautiful blond walks up and plucks you from the floor and drops you in the palm of her hand. She looks at you curiously and you think this should be good as you concentrate again and wish to be six feet tall. However this time nothing happens. "Jasmine, whats the big idea. It didn't work", you ask the genie.

"There are limitations with the human brain", she tells you, "Without some sort of magical object you are limited to one wish a day. It's a limitation I can't control, sorry."

Just then the blond gives you a playful squeeze and picks you up to her lips to kiss you. "Put me down on the table now", you order her but she just giggles at you and continues to play with you. You turn to Jasmine, "What is up with her. She don't obey me."

"Oh no", she will obey your every command. "You just need to speak her language, 16th century Arabic". You start screaming at her but she just says, "Ta ta and have fun with your new harem" and disappears into a puff of smoke."

You look back at the blond who decides she wants to ...

Your choices:

  1. show you to her friends
  2. play with you

Retrieved September 13, 2016