You Can Count!

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By: derekthedalek

"First off, I should have two wishes." You boldly state from your perched postion. "After all that toing and froing with me trying to keep you here I quite forgot I had two wishes left. But no now. So, two to go." You smirk slightly and you get the impression Jasmine is rather peeved for you remembering.

"Still, no hard feelings about keeping you stuck here - I accept I can't keep you here now, more the pity. But answer my wishes without any twisting or corruptions and you'll be free to go. So for Wish Numo One..." You give some thought about what to go for, admiting that you have enjoyed the opportunity to see the world from a shrunken viewpoint, but you would care to be able to have control over any exercises in the matter. In addition you'd also care for some girls to play around with but your brief sortay with Linsday has made you aware that you want loyal ladies who won't mess about and deny any of your requests. Ultimately you want to be in charge, not the other way round and regardless of your stature.

A inpatient tapping from Jasmine has you snap out of your thinking. "Alright, for my second wish I want to be able to change my size whenever I want by means of thinking of it. No size rings or ways of others controlling it - I call the shots. And for my third wish..."

Your choices:

  1. "...I want a loyal female harem who won't betray me."
  2. "...I want nothing to be able to harm or kill me. At all."

Retrieved September 13, 2016