Give in to Jasimne

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By: northgate

Lindsay is really pissed at your stubbornness and unwillingness to tell you anything. She steps back to the line with the darts. "I'm tired of these games", she tells you, "This one is going right through you. You deserve to die there for being such a despicable little rodent of a man."

She throws the dart and you see it coming right at you and them at the last possible second, it stops. The dart is hanging in mid-air about a quarter inch in front of your chest. You are amazed and then you see Jasmine behind Lindsay. "I thought I was clear. You were to get the location of my lamp but not damage him. You were going to kill him just now.", she says as she walks up and plucks the dart out of the air.

"I am sorry mistress", Linsday cries out dropping to her knees", "He just made me so mad. He is impossible, mistress. Please forgive me."

Jasmine is not impressed with the display and waves her hand causing Lindsay to disappear. Then she turns to you still hanging from the dartboard. "I've had enough of you too. You will tell me where my lamp is right now or things will really get ugly for you. I've tried to make this nice for you with Lindsay but you just wouldn''t play along. Maybe instead I'll send you to a gay sex club instead. How would you like that?"

You realize you can't win this with her and decide to get whatever you can salvage out of this deal. "If you give me my last wish, I'll tell you where the lamp is.", you tell her.

"Fine", she replies, "Tell me where and I'll grant you wish"

You tell her the location and she quickly retrieves it. You are still hanging from the dartboard when she returns and asks you what your final wish will be."

You tell her ....

Your choices:

  1. continued ...

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