Joe Returns the Lamp

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By: northgate

These giant darts are terrorizing you and you have to give in to Lindsay's demands. "Fine, I'll tell you whatever you want to know", you tell her, "Just don't throw another dart."

She smiles and takes you down from the dartboard and holds you in her fist up to her face. "I'm glad that you are seeing things my way. Now l want you to lead me to where the genie's lamp is hidden."

You quickly tell her where you hid the lamp and she follows your directions down to the basement to retrieve it. She finds it quickly and returns to the main floor of the house with you in one hand and the lamp in the other. "Mistress Jasmine", she calls out, "I have your lamp."

Jasmine appears from a puff a smoke and takes the lamp. "Very good job", she tells Lindsey, "You see I must always know where my lamp is at all times or it driving me insane. Anyway, you have done an excellent job and you should be rewarded..."

As she goes on talking, you are worried about your current situation with Lindsey squeezing you tightly in her fist and figure it is time to get out of this predicament. "I'm ready to make that next wish", you say interrupting Jasmine.

Jasmine looks down at you obviously annoyed. "You got yourself intro all of this trouble and now after all of this you are finally ready to make a wish. Well maybe I'm not ready now. You see I don't have to accept your wish until you rub the lamp again and I am not allowed to take the lamp away from you. However...." and she blinked and the lamp was instantly transported to a high shelf on the wall far out of Joe's reach, "I have some things to do for a while and in genie time that might be a few years.", she laughed, "but that's ok because you have this fine mansion to live in while I'm gone and since you like giant woman so much, I'll let Lindsey stay here with you to help out and take care of you."

You look up at Jasmine's evil grin with disbelief as you see Jasmine blink again and say, "Lindsey wouldn't you like to stay here with your little friend while I am gone?"

Lindsey lifts you to her face as she smiles at you, "Yes, I wouldn't want to do anything more than stay here" and you realize that Jasmine has planted some kind of idea in her head.

You yell for Jasmine to wait a minute but she disappears as fast as she had returned. Lindsey meanwhile is examining you in the palm of her hand continuing to smile at you. Her finger comes down and strokes your body as she asks you,, "What shall we do first? A nice hot bath or is it straight to bed?"

You start to answer but she really isn't interested in your opinion as she answers for you. She starts walking and says, "I think we'll ...

Your choices:

  1. take a nice bath together.
  2. try out my new toy man.

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