Playing Games with Lindsay

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By: northgate

"I'm not tell you anything", you tell her, "If Jasmine wants her lamp, then she needs to work it out with me directly."

Lindsay smiles at you, "I was hoping you'd say that. This will be so much more fun that having to satisfy your tiny demands". She takes the cue ball and lines up a shot in your vicinity. You think you can easily dodge the balls but everything is moving much faster than you expected. She continues to take random shots as you run around the table avoiding her. All of this work is starting to get you winded but she just keeps laughing at you. You hear her say, "Little guy in the side pocket" and you turn to see a striped orange ball coming straight toward you. You try to get out of the way but it glances off you knocking you over. "You ruined my shot", she tells you with a fake pout. She picks you up by the legs and dangles you in front of her face. "If you tell me where the lamp is I can call Jasmine back and we can stop this silly game", she tells you.

"I'm not tell you anything. You can't intimidate me with your pool balls. I will only deal with Jasmine.", you tell her.

"Maybe we should play a new game.", she says as she talks you over to a dart board. She pushes to dart in the board just above the bulls-eye target. She then positions you on the darts so each of your arm pits are supported by a dart and you are dangling with your privates directly over the bulls-eye. She steps back and admires her handiwork. "Do you still think I can't intimidate you? Let's see", she says as she steps back to the line and lets the first dart fly. It lands about an inch from your head and with such force that your whole body shakes uncontrollably. "Now hold still", she laughs as she lets the next dart fly and it lands between your legs less than a half an inch below your privates. She comes back up to you to inspect her shot. "Not bad but I know I can do better and I have four more darts. Now will you tell me what I want to know. This is your last chance before you become a eunuch." She holds the tip of the dart up to your face so you get a good look at the steel point.

You ...

Your choices:

  1. tell her what she wants to know.
  2. continue to refuse to tell her anything.

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