Lindsay Takes You to the Game Room

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By: northgate

She carries you out of the room and through the house. She looks down at you while walking and says, "How rude of me not to introduce myself, Jow. I'm Lindsay. Jasmine brought me here to help her do the things that she can't do herself. Right now we are going to the play room to have some fun and games." Just then you enter a lage room with a bar and an assortment of entertainment. Lindsay drops you onto the pool table and goes over to get a cuestick. This is the first time you get a good look at her . You guess she is not too big, maybe 5" 2" at the most. She has flowing blond hair with large curls past her shoulders and she is dressed in a thin silky piece of blue translucent lingerie with tiny matching panties.

She looks down at you holding the cue stick menacingly. "Tell you what", she tells you, "Tell me where you hid the lamp and I'll take you back to the bedroom and we can spend the rest of the day with much more fun than this. I could be all yours.". She strikes a seductive pose in front of you. She smiles and bends down so her face is right in front of you and throws you a kiss with the gentle sweet breath from her mouth.

"So what will it be? Are you ready to play me in pool?", she asks.

Your choices:

  1. tell her everything
  2. don't tell her anything

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