Give Jasmine your Demands

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By: northgate

"OK, genie", you say, "If you make me the same size as that bitch Lindsey and I'll tell you what you want to know. Deal?"

Jasmine says, "Deal" and blinks and you find yourself freed from the tumbler but you are still only five inches tall and on top of the table. In front of you is a naked Lindsey who is looking a bit confused. "There you go", Jasmine says, "She is all yours, now where is my lamp?"

"Cheat", you yell up at Jasmine, "You know what I meant and you twisted my wish. Now return me to full size."

"No, I gave you your wish and now you will tell me what I want. That is the deal", Jasmine replies to you.

"Well I'm not telling you anything", you yell back at her.

"Very well", Jasmine tells you. She looks down at Lindsey and says, "Lindsey, this is your last chance to get him to talk . Succeed and I will give you whatever you want."

Lindsey looks at you and walks toward you and you think what is this five inch naked girls going to do to you. You start to try to negotiate with her and she lets loose a round house kick and her barefoot impacts your face and knocks you senseless for a moment. Before you can regain your senses, she comes in close and knees you in the crotch dropping you to your knees, She doesn't let up and lands a kick to your face knocking you backwards. A moment later she is on you and you think she is tougher than any MMA fighter you have ever seen. She puts you in a choke hold and says, "Last chance to tell me or I will break your neck. I have nothing to lose as Jasmine is going to get rid of me if I don't succeed."

You think how normally you would think this would be so sexy to be in a hold by a naked woman but she has you in pain and you can't breathe. "OK", you get out when she releases to hear your answer. You believe she will kill you and you give in and tell her the location. Upon hearing your answer, Jasmine disappears for a moment and then reappears with the lamp in hand.

"Good job", Jasmine says as she blinks and Lindsey is restored to full size although still naked. "Now what would you like for your reward?"

Lindsey think for a moment and says, "I'd like this house and enough money to stay here for a long long time."

Jasmine says "Very well and blinks again. It doesn't appear anything changed except Jasmine is now gone. Lindsey sees me still on the table and smiles, "Looks like I got a little bonus in my wish, a little toy for me to play with. She grabs you up in her fist and laughs, "I hope you are good at satisfying me with that little body. You better be or a squish you between my lovely thighs. Let's go check out my new master bedroom", she says as she carries you off to your new life as her sex slave.

Your choices:

  1. Continue in the bedroom

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