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By: northgate

You ignore her and she responds saying, "Fine" and drops you back in the piss filled toilet bowl. "I hope you are a good swimmer because I'm going to get myself some lunch." and she leaves you alone stuck in the bowl. The water is cold but you are able to tread water and keep afloat.

After about 20 minutes, Lindsey comes back and lowers a string down for you to grab on to and lifts you out of the toilet. "Have a nice swim?" she asks you, "Because I had a great lunch. She lowers you into a tall tumbler she must have brought back from the kitchen. "Tell me what I want to know and I'll get you something to eat too", she tells you as she leaves the bathroom and carries you to the kitchen. "No", you yell up at her, "I will only talk to Jasmine"

"Very well,", she says as she carries you to to the refrigerator. "I found a really fun toy in here", she says, "Let me demonstrate." To your horror she hold the tumbler up to the ice dispenser in the fridge door and chipped ice comes cascading down around you until you are buried up to your neck. "You think the toilet was cold, what do you think of this.", she says. "Now tell me now or I will put you in the freezer and freeze you solid."

"If you do that, you'll freeze me to death and Jasmine will never get her lamp so let's cut the crap. Get me out of this ice and call Jasmine back here.", you tell her while shivering uncontrollably from the ice.

"You make a point", she says, "so let's try something else". She presses a button on the fridge and holds the tumbler up to it again and this time it fills with water until it is up to your chin. You are still trapped in the ice and unable to move and she asks again, "Will you tell me where the lamp is?"

"No", you tell her "How many times do I have to tell you No"

"Fine" she smiles down at you and puts the tumbler up the the dispenser and fills the water over your head. You hold your breath but you wonder if she plans to drown you. You hold as long as you can until you feel like your lungs will burst when you let go and get a mouth of cold water and choke. Just then you feel the tumbler tilt and Lindsey takes a drink of the water and lowers the water line. You continue coughing as she smiles down at you, "I can do this all day. Tell me where the lamp is."

"No you stupid bitch and by the way I'm covered in your pee and you just drank from this water. You sure you want to do this all day?"

"Bastard", she roars and she fills the cup again and you hear her say, "I hope you drown this time." You again feel like your lungs will explode and this time you think this girl does intend to down you when suddenly all the ice and water disappear and you are free to move inside the tumbler.

You hear Jasmine's voice as she says, "Enough of these games. I am here, little man. Now tell me where the lamp is or I will let her do whatever she wants to you and I will find the lamp myself. After all I have all of eternity to look.

You decide to ...

Your choices:

  1. tell her where you hid it
  2. make demands as a condition of giving her the location of the lamp

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