Lindsay Takes You to the Master Bath

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By: northgate

Lindsay takes you into the master bathroom and sets you on the counter. She says, "The bathroom is so much fun but it can be very dangerous for a little guy like you. Now don't forget that you can tell me where that lamp is at anytime and we can end this. Maybe then we can even be friends."

You don't answer her because you have no intention of letting her intimidate you. You watch as she goes through the cabinets and withdraws a box of dental floss. She takes off a good length and uses it to tie you up. She then takes you over to the toilet and dangles you above the water. "Feel like taking a swim today. I bet that water is pretty cold down there. We could just as easily be taking a nice warm bubble bath together. Just tell me where the lamp is."

Again you ignore her and she lowers you into the toilet making a small splash. "See I told you it was cold", she laughs as she continues to lift you out and drop you again and again into the cold water. She stands back up and hold you up too. You see that she is lowering her pants and underwear and you catch a look at her perfectly shaved pussy.

She sits on the toilet seat, spreads her legs and lowers you down right past that perfect pussy into the dark cavern below. You hit the water and she closes her legs leaving you in darkness. "I warned you. Now I have to play rough. You hit the cold water but this time she doesn't lift you back up leaving you in the cold water. "Pretty cold in there, huh?", you hear her say, "Let me warm it up for you". Suddenly a torrent of piss hits you as she lets go. After she finishes she sits there move the string up and down dunking you in the water before letting loose a fart that gags you.

Finally she stand up and hold you out in front of her as she uses her free hand to wipe and put up her pants. "Now you made me do that because you won't cooperate. Now will you tell me or do you need to go back in for a nice long swim?"

You ....

Your choices:

  1. give in a tell her
  2. continue to give her the silent treatment

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