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By: northgate

This giant blond who could be a super model and is wearing the sexiest underwear you've ever seen in person carries you into the master bedroom and drops you on the bed. She towers over you and says, "I could make this the most incredible night of your life and all you need to do is tell me where the lamp is." She crawls in bed on all fours and still towers over you. She bends down and places a long wet kiss across the top of your body. "Why don't you get undressed and I can show you how good it can be." You can't take this sexy girl or how turned on she is making you and you immediately strip down to nothing but your underwear. The girl scoops up the clothes puts them on the night stand next to the bed.

She comes back and continues looks down at you in your underwear and smiles at you. "I meant everything", she tells you, "Let me show you", Her hands more forward and she grabs your t-shirt between her manicured fingernails and yanks it over your head and then follows by pulling your underpants off and almost ripping them with the force. She tosses them to the side and returns with an even a longer kiss which focuses below your waist. You fingertip comes up and gently flicks your member a few times to get it fully erect. "I see you like me", she tells you. She stops and watches you for a moment. "Just tell me where the lamp is and we can have so much fun."

You look back up at her and say, Why stop now? Let's have some fun now and Jasmine can wait a little bit longer. She did say she can wait a long time."

The girl smiles, "I like you. You are so smart.", she tells you as she sits up and pulls the lingerie over her head and drops it on top of you. "Peek a boo", she says playfully, "Where's my little lover?" She pulls it off and tosses it to the side. She stretches with her arms over her head and she looks even bigger and sexier with nothing but a tiny pair of lacy see through panties.

She comes back down on all fours and this time she shifts and her breast dangles right over you. She slowly lowers down so her nipple is directly over you and you take the tip in your mouth and suck. You hear her give a soft moan of contentment. This continues for a while and then she switches to the other breast. When you finish she takes you in her hand and kisses you again and again. She rolls over onto her back and hold you over her mouth and her tongue snakes out and plays with you.

You can't take it and you erupt and it dribbles down on her. "She makes a pout and says, "We were just getting started. I hope you have more and do we have to stop."

"No no", you tell her, "Don't stop I have plenty more. I'm not done. I just need a minute."

She rolls back on her stomach and lays you on the bed. She props herself on her arms and watches you. "I have to tell you something", she whispers, "Jasmine is watching us waiting for her lamp to be revealed. I can't really have fun knowing she is watching us. I have an idea. Tell her where the lamp is and then you can wish for me to stay with you and we'll have all the time in the world to play in this big house."

You need time to recover anyway and this girl is much friendlier and willing to stay and play than the genie has been so it seems like a good idea. "OK", you tell her, "The lamps is hidden in the basement. There is wine cellar and there is a small storage drawer in the unit. If you pull the drawer all the way out there is room in the back behind it and the lamp is there."

She smiles and says "Thank you" before sitting back up and towering over you at her full height. "Did you hear that Jasmine", she says loudly and a moment later there is a puff of smoke.

Jasmine appears with the lamp in hand beside the bed. "Yes, I heard you. Good job, Lindsey". She then turn at looks down at you, "And now on to the business of that next wish. What do you desire?", she asks you.

You sit up and look back at her. "What about Lindsey? What will happen to her now?"

"Why do you care?", the genie asks you, "I thought it was all about the riches and a mansion. I suppose she'll just go back to the ether or where ever wishes come from", she tells you. "Now for the wish"

"I wish", you begin, "That Lindsey will stay here with me forever"

The genie blinks and nothing looks like it changed. "It is done", she says and now I will take my leave and leave you two lover birds to enjoy the rest of your lives together.

"Wait a minute", you tell her, "I'm still tiny. I wish to be normal sized again. It's my third wish."

"Hmmm", Jasmine replies looking a bit annoyed. "One is the mansion, two was the wealth and three was the girl. I think you need to learn to count better. You made your wishes and now you can enjoy them." She let out a little laugh, blinked and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

You are shocked for a moment and then look back up Lindsey who is smiling down at you. "Well I hope you had time to recover because now it's my turn for some fun." She tells you as her hand comes down and she grabs you up and brings you to her lips for a long kiss. She rolled on her back and dangled you over her face. "I hope you enjoy your big mansion and unlimited wealth because I know I will.", she says followed by another kiss. "But best of all thanks for that last wish because we are going to have so much fun together"

She smiles at you and slowly lowers you down past her face and her breasts and her incredibly toned stomach and you see that her free hand has pulled open the waistband of her lacy panties and she slides you in against her warm pussy which is smooth as a baby's bottom. "Jasmine made me with out any body hair so I never have to shave. Nice, huh?" She pushes you deeper between the folds of her pussy. "Get to work my little lover. You don't want to disappoint me on our first night" She withdrew her hand but continues to press and manipulate you through the fabric of her panties.

You want to scream as her hot body engulfs you but you know it wouldn't matter. You decide you need to ...

Your choices:

  1. play dead
  2. satisfy this horny giantess

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