Joe Shrinks to 5 Inches

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By: northgate

Jasmine blinks and suddenly you are shrunk to only 5 inches high. "You were getting a bit too full of yourself trying to trick me. I think this is more appropriate for you", she says towering over you. "Now tell me where the lamp is", she continues as she raises her foot over you in a threatening manner. "If you're not going to tell me you better run and hide like a little mouse.", she finishes by stamping her foot down right beside you.

You take off running and you can hear her laughing above, "Just tell me where my lamp is and I won't step on you." Her foot keep coming down inches from you as you continue to run and look for cover.

Suddenly it occurs to you that this genie isn't going to step on you. First, if she kills you she won't get the lamp back and second she probably can't kill you because you are her master." You stop and turn to face her or at least face her ankle. "You can't kill me. I am your master and you'll never get your lamp back", you tell her.

She looks down at you even more annoyed that you figured her out. "Hmmm, perhaps you are right, little master. I can't harm you but I know all about your fetish for giant women and if I can't do it maybe I can try something else." She blinks and the most gorgeous blond you have ever seen appears towering before you wearing nothing but baby doll lingerie. "Sweetie", Jasmine tell this girl, "I need you get get him to tell you where he hid my lamp. Do whatever it takes to get an answer."

The blond steps forward and her foot kicks you and knocks you to the ground and she places her bare foot on top of you lightly pressing down. Her big toe taps you in the face. "So we can do this the easy way or the hard way", she tells you.

Your breath is knocked out of you and you couldn't answer even if you wanted to. She removes her foot and snatches your body up n her hand and squeezes you. "I just love the idea of having a little man to play with. iMaybe I can have some fun while I get you to talk.", she says as she carries you into ...

Your choices:

  1. the bedroom
  2. the master bath
  3. the game room

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