Joe Tries to Trick the Genie

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By: northgate

Joe really wants this genie and he has an idea to keep her there with him. "Let me think about it for a little bit", he tells her, "I want to look around the mansion a little bit more. I won't be long. Why don't you wait here."

She agrees flopping down on the bed and getting comfortable. "Okay", she replies, "just don't keep me waiting to long".

Joe leaves and goes back to the front room that they appeared in and finds the magic lamp. He thinks to himself, "If I want to keep her here I need to get rid of this." He takes the lamp down to the basement and finds a good hiding spot deep in the back. "With the size of this place, it will take her forever to find it here."

He goes back upstairs and back to the bedroom where Jasmine is still lounging on the bed. When he comes in, she sits up eagerly. So did you decide what you'd like for your next wish?", she asks.

"Well I decided something. I really want to enjoy this house and the money and I don't really need anything else. Well there is something else I would really like.....", he starts.

"Okay, just wish for it.", she tells him eager to get the wish out of the way and be closer to freedom.

"I wish for you to stay with me forever", he tells her quietly.

"What? No that's impossible. It is against the Genie Code for me to be with a mortal man.", she replies quickly, "You need to wish for something else."

"No I won't wish for anything and you'll be here anyway Genie Code or not. You'lllearn to love me over time.", he tells her.

She seems a bit annoyed by his behavior and she storms out of the room and back to the room the lamp was in. We'll see about this", she tells him, "I'll be in my lamp until you are ready to make a wish. I'll been in there a good part of the last 3000 years so I can outlast you easily." She looks around the room and sees the lamp is missing. "What happened to my lamp", she barks now visibly annoyed with Joe.

Joe doesn't say anything at first and then after a long pause while she waits tapping her slippered foot replies, "It's in a safe place and someday I'll tell you but right now I just want you."

Jasmine is now really angry. "I dealt with you very fairly. Most genies would have played tricks and twisted your wishes but I dealt fair with you and this is what I get. First you make a wish that I can't grant and then you refuse to make another wish and then on top of it you steal my lamp. This is too much for any genie no matter how patient."

Jasmine crosses her arms and blinks and ...

Your choices:

  1. Joe shrinks to 5 inches tall
  2. Joe shrinks to less than an inch tall
  3. Something Completely Different (your choice)

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