Jasmine takes Joe to the Pool.

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By: northgate

Jasmine take him outside to a pool and playfully tosses Joe in. "I hope you can swim.", she laughs as she blinks and changes her harem costume into a tiny white bikini. Fortunately Joe can swim but he isn't ready for what is next as Jasmine jumps in creating a tidal wave that engulfs Joe.

He finally recovers and comes up to the surface only to see Jasmine moving in on him. The water isn't that deep because she can stand up and her breasts are level with the water and Joe grabs on for some rest for a moment. Jasmine Laughs at him, "My you are forward thinking you can touch me without my permission. She plucks him off her breast and drops him in the valley between her breasts wedging him in between them before going for a swim which practically drown little Joe.

he comes up in the shallow end and he is sputtering water trying to catch his breath. "You could have drown me out there", he yells at her. And she pulls him out and tosses him back in the water.

"Fine then. Swim yourself. See if I'll help you again.", she tells him as she pushes off to swim another lap. Joe is forced to tread water and wait for her to return which again creates a big splash and nothing for him to hold on to. She hold out her hand and says sarcastically, "Need a hand out of the pool?"

Joe takes the offer not having any other way out and she carries him to a nearby chaise that she lays down on. She drops him to the ground and says, "Now go play little boy while Jasmine catches some sun time."

Joe isn't happy with this treatment and decides to ....

Your choices:

  1. Cool off under the chaise next to her
  2. Tell her off
  3. Climb up on her chaise

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