Decides to keep you as her pet forever.

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By: zeteginara

Upon changing back, you immediately start coughing. It feels good to be a human again, but all night you were consumed with rage that she just left you there to contemplate being a dildo.

"You did that on purpose!" You scream between coughs.

"Well, maybe I did," the giantess genie explained, "But you did ask for it. I've never had much fun in my life, and I want to have more. What shall we do today?"

"I wish for you to change me back to my normal size!" You exclaim. All of your life you wanted to make love to a giantess, but now you that the reality of that situation has hit you, you never want to experience it again.

Much to your surprise, Jasmine's smile grows at your request. "With pleasure," she explains.

Suddenly a cloud of pink smoke envelops your tiny form, and you feel yourself growing. Jasmine gets smaller and smaller, until your eyes meet hers at your normal height.

"Thank you," you say angrily. "I'm going to get in the shower and..."

Suddenly, a familiar feeling passes over you, and you feel yourself shrinking again.

"Hey!" You shout, "I told you to changmmmph mmph"... you are cut off as you feel your muscles hardening, being transformed into a human dildo once more. You shrink and shrink, Jasmine's evil smiling face growing larger and more distant. Eventually, you lose your balance and fall, slightly rolling, nestling next to Jasmine's foot.

The genie picks you up and regards you with a jubilant expression. "The wish to change you back to your normal size was your final wish. Now, I am released from your service. I am to go back to my lamp which will be taken once again to the bottom of the ocean. You also won't be needing this."

With a wave of her hand, the mansion disappears and Joe finds himself back on the beach.

"Maybe one day someone will find our lamp and interrupt our time together for what will seem like an instant. Did you know that there are hundreds of genies in this world? You are the first person to find one for a thousand years or so."

She continues as she walks toward her lamp, which was left on the beach sands, "The lamp is also completely indestructible, and you will not age nor require sustenance while you are inside. We have quite a lot of time to spend together."

"Still though," she says as she picks up the lamp and a pink cloud starts to envelop you both, "I think I'll keep you in your current form for at least a couple of decades." And with that, she inserts you into herself again, and you start to convulse uncontrollably. You feel the sounds of the outside world dissolve around you as she goes back into her lamp.

Eventually, after many years have passed, she removes you from herself. You and Jasmine have barely room in the lamp to be anything more than pressed against each other on a constant basis. However, you find she can freely move you up and down her body at will.

After a century, she allows you to speak again. After several millenia, you forget what it was like to be human. The lamp which you share with Jasmine is never found again, as it becomes buried far beneath the ocean floor.


The End.

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