Jasmine's Dildo

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By: northgate

You look up at this gorgeous genie and reply, "I'll do whatever you want to make you happy."

She thinks for a minute and then exclaims, "I know what would be nice". She touches you with her fingertip and you feel your body transforming. Your muscles are stiffening and you can't move although you can still hear and see. You also feel that you have grown a bit although she is still gigantic in comparison to you. She picks you up in your hand and you realize that she has transformed you into a half human - half dildo. "Don't worry lover, I"ve made you indestructible so you won't get hurt no matter how hard I play with you.

She begins to rub the top of your head against her soft pussy lips and you can feel the wetness coating you. You realize that while you can't get hurt you can fell everything she is doing to you. You are aroused by her treatment but you can't get a hard-on in this condition. It is a little frustrating but suddenly she plunges you deep inside her pumping you in and out. The friction of going in and out of her gives you some satisfaction but that is short lived as she pushes deeper causing your hear to collide inside her.

This goes on endlessly and when she finally does stop she leaves you deep in side her as she flexes her muscles and squeezes you inside herself. You think you are near the end when she touches her fingertip to the sole of your foot and you are suddenly sent into convulsions that you can't control. You feel like your body is going to rattle apart from the force of the convulsions but there is nothing to do but endure the pain.

She removes her finger and you stop shaking. You are relieved that this ended when you hear her giggle and her finger comes back down in contact with you sending you into convulsions again. She repeats this treatment at least a dozen times while she had several orgasms. She finally removes you and you are still stiff and now coated in her thick juices. She lies back and enjoys the afterglow while you are left helplessly lying by her side. Then to add insult to injury, she drifts off to sleep while you are stuck staring at the ceiling nothing more than a soiled sex toy.

The next morning she awakens and rises from bed and stretches before noticing you still lying there from the night before. She lets out a "Whoops, sorry about that" and blinks returning you to normal although you are still five inches tall.

Now Jasmine decides ...

Your choices:

  1. take you for her morning bath
  2. find another way to use you to satify her sexual appetite

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