Loving a Genie Giantess

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By: derekthedalek

Joe is quickly brought to arousal as the Genie's soft fingers brush warmly up against his penis, and he becomes excited that Jasmine seems receptive to his dreams and desires of making love to her.

Jasmine walks into a bedroom of fine silks and sheets and gently places Joe on the bedside table before climbing nimbly onto the bed itself, a look of excitement and warmness in her eyes. "You know I'm flattered you consider me the most beautiful woman you've ever met. Thats sweet considering that I'm about four thousand years old, but then I haven't changed all that much so your attraction to me is hardly surprising." She considers if or not to remove her while garments and jewels, then shugs and slips them off, exposing her stunning naked body with fine breast and as she bends to fold up her clothing, a set of pink lips which make up her vagina, even from this distance you can see is already moist from the prospect of making love to a tiny human.

Jasmine turns back to you and puts a hand on her chin, smiling back at you before giggling playfully as she spots your reaction. "You're impressed I see. Well you should be - it takes a lot of work for a Genie like me to be in such good condition."

She moves her face closer to you and smiles. "Now, what to do together first, I wonder?"

Your choices:

  1. She Makes You Indestructable and Uses You as a Dildo.
  2. She Puts You on Her Breasts and Has You Rub Them.
  3. She Shrinks You Down Further and Lets You Pick What To Do.

Retrieved September 13, 2016