Joe decides to shrink for Jasmine

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By: northgate

Joe thinks he would like to enjoy this genie as a giantess. He always had the fantasy of making love to a beautiful woman and this is the most beautiful woman he has ever been with. It is the perfect opportunity. "I wish to be 5" tall", he tells her and in a flash he is reduced in size and looking at her ankles.

She looks down at him in front of her feet and asks, "I have to ask why you would make that wish. It is the first time anyone ever asked for that Although a woman who found me wished a make her cheating husband the size of a dildo so she could teach him a lesson and pleasure herself at the same time. You know that little guy lasted her 25 years. Talk about revenge. So what's your story?"

Joe cranes his neck to look up at her. "I always fantasized about being with a giantess and you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. I had to realize my fantasy."

"Ohhh, there is a Genie Code about making love with a mortal man but .....", she wonders aloud, "I think me may have a loophole. Since you are so small you aren't technically a man so I should be okay. Let me check." She looks up in the air like she is having a conversation with someone but you only hear her voice and don't see anything. She explains the situation and continues to have the conversation. Finally she hangs up or whatever they call it when genies end their celestial communications. She looks back down at Joe, "Look like it is okay and after all it is the least I can do for you."

Joe thinks about that last comment but doesn't pursue it as she kneels down and scoops him up in her palm. "Actually you're kinda cute all small like that.", she tells him and she blinks and his clothes disappear. "Ohh, you're even cuter naked", she giggles as she runs her fingertip over the length of his body.

"Hmm, this could really be fun", she says as she ...

Your choices:

  1. decides to take Joe to his new bed not wasting any time
  2. decides to take Joe somewhere else in the house for some fun.

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