Joe wishes for a Mansion and Wealth

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By: northgate

Joe thinks this genie is the most gorgeous woman he has ever seen and wants to enjoy her company for as long as possible. He figures if he can impress her and get her to stay with him. "I wish for a mansion and unlimited wealth", he tells her and they are instantly transported to a palatial estate overlooking a beautiful deserted beach. Joe looks around like a kid in a candy shop. "This is awesome", he tells her in an excited tone.

"Check out the bedroom, master. I hope you will find it to your liking", she tells him and Joe rushes up to the master bedroom suite which is probably bigger than his whole apartment.

"Wow", Joe says as he checks out the oversized round bed, walk-in closets with a full wardrobe, and a gigantic bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub for two and glass shower. "This is great", he tells her.

"Check this out", she tells him as she opens a chest in the bedroom filled with various denomination dollar bills and gold. "Every time you take something out, it refills overnight. Never ending riches. Pretty good, huh?"

Joe shakes his head in eager agreement while at the same time he is scheming how to get this genie in his new bed. He can't stop staring at her body through her seductively skimpy outfit.

"Okay then", she continues, "So what will be your next wish?"

Your choices:

  1. Joe decides to wish to shrink so he can enjoy a giantess genie.
  2. Joe decides to trick the genie into staying with him.

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