Isa Feeds You

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By: northgate

Isa, your new curvy blond friend, takes you to a private place in the harem and extracts you from between her breasts and removes the chain from around you. She gives you little pieces of chicken and rice as well as a small cup with wine in it although it seems like a bucketful to you and too heavy to lift. She lifts you up to the edge so you can take handfuls to drink it. When you've had your fill, she picks you up in her palm and asks you why you are so small. "It was a secret formula my alchemist developed to use against my enemies.", you tell her.

She looks at you suspiciously. "Then why taste it on yourself.", she asks.

"It was an accident", you tell her, "the effects are temporary and I shall soon return to normal. I need you to take me somewhere now."

"I don't think your shrinking was an accident", she tells you with a smirk, "I think you shrank so you could sneak around without us knowing and explore our bodies. I know it was you climbing on me back at the baths and when I swatted you, you fell in the water. Tell me the truth now."

"OK, you are right", you reply figuring lying isn't going to help you and you still need her to get you back to near where you hid the ring. "Now I need you to take me back before the formula wears off and I return to full size."

"You naughty little sultan", she says picking you up my the legs and dangling you in the air. "I think you are lying again. If you were just going top grow back then why would you be so insistent that I take you somewhere. I think you want me to take you to where the antidote is hidden. Now tell me the truth."

"I am telling you the truth", you tell her. "Well we will see but first I'm going to let you explore my body just like you wanted and then you'll spend the night with me. If you grow back by morning, then I will be your humble slave but if you are still little, I'll know you were lying and you'll be my little slave forever."

You realize she has you backed in a corner. Without the ring you can't get back to normal and she isn't taking you there willingly. You only chance is to trick her or escape. However neither is possible as she take you over to some large pillows that they use in the harem for sleeping and drops you in the middle of the largest and you watch as she loosens her garments and removed her slippers. She lies down on the same pillow and moves to position you down at her feet. "Now you will start at the bottom and work your way up.", she tells you, "Now go nice and slow and I want a kiss on every spot that you touch."

You figure this won't be bad except you remember Raelin shrunk and trapped in that box in your quarters without food or water and you better get back to her soon or she'll die. All the better reason to escape sooner rather than later. You start to work your way over her foot kissing as you go but you quickly learn that this will not be so easy as she uses her toes to play with your tiny body and impede your progress. "I really hope you don't get big so I can play with you like this every day" she giggles.

She eventually lets you continue proceeding north and you climb up the top of her leg making a beeline kissing all the way. She is still feeling playful and when you get to her thigh she gives you a shake and you fall to the pillow between her thighs. You try to climb back up her thigh but she's hiked her silk garments up forcing you to climb her bare skin which is too smooth to climb. You only choice is to go back to her foot to mount again or go straight forward and you the material of her garment to climb directly over her nether regions. You don't want to fight those toes again so you elect to go forward.

"Ohh, are you forward, little man teasing me with your arms and legs climbing over my most sensitive spot.", she says in a teasing voice. "and no kisses either." Her hand comes down as you get to the top and proceed over her belly and she loosens her silk undergarment. "I think you owe me some kisses, little man", she tells you as her hand lazily sweeps you back down and into her undergarment and against her cleanly shaven pussy." She reties her undergarment and gives you a poke through the material. "Where are my kisses?", she asks.

You comply not wanting to anger her kissing her all over. Her hand maneuvers you from teh outside pushing you up against her. She is quickly getting wet from your treatment and it become to slippery to climb up and you would still need to squeeze out through the top of her panties. You are soaked in her juices and trapped in the panties by her hand and the tight fit of the garment.

When she is finally satisfied, she retracts her hand and rolls on her side and says, "I think that is enough for tonight. I need my sleep. You can stay there and cuddle with me down there. You can continue your journey tomorrow." She pulls a thin sheet over herself and goes to sleep. You think of Raelin and your need to act quickly and escape. This isn't the perfect time as you are far away from the ring and being trapped in Isa's undergarment you may not be able to escape undetected but this may be your only chance for a while. You hear her softly snoring and know she is fast asleep. You position yourself to squeeze out through the material as best as possible and start to make your way to freedom.

You squeeze out successful and start to climb down to the ground and

Your choices:

  1. you make it without awakening Isa
  2. Isa is awaken by your movements

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