Climb up onto a Beauty

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By: northgate

Joe can't resist and climbs up on her but she feels his tiny hands and legs on her and thinks he a mouse. She jumps up and lets out a yell sending Joe flying through the air. He is saved when he hits the water of the nearby pool. Meanwhile this beauty jumps up and looks around as the girl next to her looks at her. "What is the matter?", she asks. "Nothing", she answers as she continues to look around, "I thought something was climbing on me. Must be my imagination." and she lies back down.

Meanwhile Joe is treading water and surveying the pool hoping to find a way out but the sides and steps are to high for him. Now his plan is awry. He can't get out of the pool on his own without getting a girl to help him so he can't get back to the lamp or the ring. Then matters get complicated as the other girl that was lying down decides to take a bath and enters the pool. It isn't that big and she is sure to spot him sooner or later. She is a big breasted girl with fair skin and shoulder length wavy blond hair. He slowly and quietly treads water working his way to the side hoping he might stay out of sight of this titan.

However luck is not in Joe's favor and she make a beeline for him. Apparently she spotted him immediately and was coming over to investigate. She scoops him up in her palm while holding her finger to her mouth to signal him to be quiet. She has her back to the other girls so they couldn't see what she is doing even if they looked up which none of them were doing anyway. She examines him quietly and then heads for the steps to exit the pool. She wraps a towel around her and Joe notices she is a curvy girl with all the right curves in all the right places to make her even more attractive. She takes him to a small room where she sets him down before drying off and redressing in her harem outfit. "You are so precious. My name is Isa and I already know who you are", she whispers to him. She takes her necklace which is a thin gold chain and wraps it around you suspending you in the air and she puts it around her neck and you fall between her two enormous breasts. They push against you on each side. It is hot between them but at least you can breath although the air is full of her perfumed scent that she applied when dressing.

You are hidden away as she rejoins the harem to sit with her friends and chat while all the while knowing that you at tucked safely away.
After a few hours, she takes you out for ...

Your choices:

  1. bedtime
  2. to feed you

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