Joe Visits the Harem Baths

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By: northgate

Joe leaves the tiny Raelin to think about her wickedness and goes out about the palace. He is ready to try his shrinking fantasy again but this time he'll plan better. He finds a small unused room and he hides the lamp at floor level so if needed he can recover it later even if he is small. He decides that Raelin knew too much and used that to her advantage. He isn't going to let that happen again either. He looks in to the harem chamber and sees the various harem girls going about their daily routine. He decides he will shrink down secretly and marvel at these giantesses without them knowing he is about. "But where is the best place to spy giant harem girls?", he thinks to herself.

He then remembers seeing a large bathing communal area adjacent to the harem. He goes around to a service corridor just outside the room he sees there are girls in there bathing while others are getting ready to go in. This time he prepares himself. He quietly wishes to be four inches tall and the ring grants his wish. He then drags the ring to a hiding place behind a potted plant on the ground so he can retrieve it later.

He enters the room as is amazed as a girl walks by him totally naked. She has long dark brown hair and piercing green eyes and darkly tanned skin. She is getting ready to enter the baths but she pauses to sit on a chaise nearby first to relax before entering. The end of the chaise touch the ground and Joe approaches it and marvels at the size of her feet. He decides he will explore her body and he climbs up past her feet to her long legs. She is lying on her back with her eyes closed isn't aware of his presence. He sees this and becomes more daring. as he approaches her hips. He wants to climb over them and dive into her neatly trimmed pussy but thinks this may not be the best course of action. However, to get further up he would need to climb on her which would alert her.

Does he...

Your choices:

  1. Climb on her and risk detection by her
  2. Move on to check out other giant harem girls

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