A Taste of Her Own Medicine

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By: derekthedalek

Raelin holds the litle Sultan up to her and smirks as he squirms about in her hand. "Well it does look as if you need punishing for that little trick you played on me."

Joe states back her from between her fingers "Lady, you were the one who forced me to shrink you in the first place. You were going to do horrible thing to me, like I'm sure you'll probably be doing now."

The Harem girl scowls. "Only because you enslaved us and made her love you against our will. If you then found your Sultan became small and tiny what would you do?"

Joe kicks about once again. "Ok Raelin, let's be honest here. I've had you in my service for the better part of an hour. I didn't 'enslave' you, I wished for you. I have, perhaps against my better judgement, treated you all to relative comfort and surroundings in exchange for.... well, loving me and being prepared to share my bed once in a while. The only person who's been mean and nasty is you, for trying to harm me, pretending to have mended her ways when she has a taste of her own medicine, and then tricks me again." He folds his arms, happy to have at least verbally won the argument.

The Harem girl frowns at him. "Well it doesn't matter what happened, the important thing is that I'm big and you're small and there's nothing you can do about it."

Joe panics, then looks odd before he gives a slight smirk. "Oh there's is, my dear, there is."

She pulls him closer. "What do you mean? Answer me, little man or face my wrath!" But she gets only silence. "If you don't let me know what you mean, I'll-"

The Shrunken Sultan coughs slightly. "Just that it's funny, because the Genie mentioned something about only my voice could affect the size of things. I think. Not a hundred percent on that, but what the heck, I'm just recounting the past."

"And what does what have to do with anything, little man?"

Joe whistles loudly. "Oh, maybe the effects wouldn't be permenant. Maybe, maybe not."

Raelin's eyes go wide. "WHAT? You mean any second I could..."

It all happens at once. Raelin's temporary daze has distracted her and Joe is able to suddenly bite into her nearby finger. Her natural nerve flex actions give him the opportunity to fall out of her hand and onto her chest where he quickly rushes to her face. As she tries to painfully grab him again he uses his Sultan bound strength to punch her hard in the right eye. He does regret resorting to pain giving but its clear that the Harem Girl can't be trusted, and as she falls to the ground with a crash he just manages to leap onto the bed and out of harm's way as she falls onto the floor.

Spying the drawstring bag Joe slides down to it gracefully and agains uses his strength to pull the bag open until he is seen to rumage inside. Raelin is barely recovering from her fall when there is a glow and the bag rips apart to reveal Joe in all his Six Foot Naked glory.

"Gee," he states mockingly at the stadning Harem Girl. "I do like my new stature."

She tries to grab the ring on his finger but before she can reach him he simply states "I wish Raelin was half an inch tall." At once the tratiorous harem girl shrinks to a size even smaller than Joe had been and she stares up at him with abject horror as he towers over her and then picks her up tightly. "Hm, what to do with you? All the things you probably had in mind for me, no doubt..." At this she screams with her tiny voice for mercy. "Oh, that's rich. You trick me twice and then think I'm going to be nice to you?"

He pulls her to his face and smirks. "Well guess what? I'm not going to kill or harm you. Because then I'd be no better than you. I didn't ask for shrinking rings simply to be tormented, but that doesn't mean I shall't become like you when such things do happen."

The girl meekly calls up to him. "So you'll return me to full size?"

Joe shrugs. "Perhaps in a few days when you've learnt you lesson, not to treat things smaller than you cruelly, in fact to treat them with respect if they happen to be your great Sultan. And remember, the Ring only responds to my commands. You just got lucky that last time. So no you won't get off easy by taking the ring back - not that you will."

At this he decides to stick Raelin in a small box which is too high for her to climb up with ease. "You'll be safe there. Don't fret my dear, I promise I shall't harm you or keep you there forever. I just want to ensure you learn your lesson." At this he stands up and glances at the lamp, realizing that the Genie has been less than helpful in his dreams thus far. Still, he hopes to retify that in his eventual last wish. "Now if you excuse me, I shall be enjoying the company of my more respectful loyal Harem Girls. Hopefully." He picks the lamp up and sticks it in his newly-worn robes and ensures the ring is safe before walking out.

Your choices:

  1. Follow Joe round the Palace.
  2. Stay with the Humbled Inch Tall Raelin.

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