Joe and Raelin Try and Figure Out the Ring's Rules

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By: northgate

Joe figures since he and Raelin are in the same situation her help couldn't hurt so he tells her what little he knows about the ring and his attempt to use it.

Raelin thinks for a moments and asks Joe exactly what he said.

Joe tells her that he said "I wish to return to my original size.'

"Maybe the the problem is that you didn't tell the ring a specific size like you did when you shrank or when you shrank me. Maybe it's that simple. You just need to say the exact size while we both hold on to the ring.", she tells him.

"Now that you mention it I bet you are right", Joe replies, "maybe it is that simple. Let's try it." They both kneel down next to the ring and place a hand on it. "OK, here goes", Joe says, "I wish we were 6 feet tall." However just as Joe is uttering the last word, Raelin kick her foot out into Joe's stomach sending him falling backwards and out of contact with the ring. Joe recovers but it is too late as he watches Raelin grow immediately to six foot tall.

Raelin stretches her arms and looks around, "Ohhh, I like my new stature. Thank you, little sultan", she says.

Joe makes a dash back to the ring but before he can make it Raelin grabs him up between her fingertips and dangles him in front of her face. "You are a nasty little man playing that trick on me but I know to be careful now.", she says as she places Joe back on top of a table. She then takes a nearby fork and picks up the ring with it careful not to come in direct contact with the magical ring. She finds a small drawstring bag and drops the ring into it and ties it shut. "There now that ring will not cause us anymore trouble.", she says. Raelin picks Joe and carries him across the room and tells him ...

Your choices:

  1. it's time to return to bed for more fun.
  2. it's time for her to punish him for his trickery

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