Turning the Tables

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By: derekthedalek

Joe isn't stupid - he knows the moment Raelin knows where he is, she will have the advantage. Even so, whilst his tactic of keeping quiet and hidden will buy him a minute or so of respite, it is only a matter of time before she will search harder and his hiding place will prove a poorly made one.

At first Joe thinks the lamp is his only means of salvation but considering that it was Jasmine which put him in such a irritating position in the first place, not to mention that Raelin would probably spot him long before he got there or worse, use the lamp herself, Joe is uncertain it would work. Then a thought enters his mind.

The ring is on Raelin's finger, touching her skin. Joe recalls the Genie's words that he alone might determine the size of the wearer... which means...

A smug look crosses Joe's face. There is a possible trump card for victory over this cruel titan and he elects to risk it. "I wish Raelin was four inches tall."

Just above him the Harem girl falters as her body feels strange. Then all at once her form pluments until she is the same size as Joe, who grins from on top of the cabinet. He isn't sure how his request has worked when it didn't previously - possibly it is a question of actually wearing the ring. But all the same, Raelin's previously uppity attitude is gone as she glances about in terror at her new status, the size ring.

Joe slides down to the ground and approaches the nervous Harem Girl. "So you thought you'd boss me around, hey? Well I may still be small but I have at least ended your attempts to control me."

Raelin falls to the ground in fear as you now tower relative to her by a foot in height. "Oh Sultan, please forgive my mistakes! I never meant to do you any harm, I swear!"

You chuckle. "Oh, so now you're all apolegetic? You don't like being bossed about? At least I treat you Harem Girls well and this is how you repay me? How interesting." This display amuses you, but you are still in the same position as before - shrunk with a unreliant size ring. The only main difference is that you have company now. You approach the size ring, determining just what the rules surrounding this foolish object are - certainly you seem to be the only one capable of using wishes with it, but at the same time you can't just seem to wish to be full size without having it on, and even there you're not certain on that regard.

You have two choices. You and (reludantly you think) Raelin can try and figure out the rules of the ring, or else you can seek the genie and strive to get one over her and return back to normal size.

Your choices:

  1. Try and Figure Out the Size Ring's Rules?
  2. Give Up and Use the Lamp Instead?

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