Raelin Goes to Breakfast

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By: northgate

Raelin goes to her breakfast and chats with her friends while you are are wedged between her breasts in misery. :You seem in such a great mood", you hear one of her friends comment and you groan to yourself. You stay quiet and still not wanting to give her a reason to punish you any further. She goes about her business for a couple hours until she has some free time and returns to your quarters where she extracts your four inch form and sets you on a table. She take a piece of sweet bread that she saved from breakfast and gives it to you along with a thimble of water.

While you eat she turns her attention to the ring which she picks up and examines. "Hmm", she says thinking back to your conversation with Jasmine, "I wonder" She pauses for a moment and looks at you. She touches the ring an d says, "Make him two inches tall". Suddenly you drop to half your already small height. Your food is now twice as big relative to you and the thimble is too large to handle. Raelin lets out a gleeful giggle as she realizes she can also control your size.

"This just keeps getting better", she says as she sets you on the floor. "Now don't try anything funny or I'll make you so small, a bug will be able to step on you and not even know it." She steps back and says, "Make him two feet tall" You feel like you are stretching out for a moment and suddenly your eyes focus and you feel almost normal but Raelin is still more that two and a half times your size. She places the ring on a high dresser out of your reach and then parts her silk gowns and shows you her pussy. "Time to show me if you can pleasure me at that size. I want to feel that whole arm and those little fingers inside me", she tells you as she carries you over to the bed and positions you between her legs. "If I like the job you do, maybe I'll let you stay that size instead of four inches. Would you like that?"

"Yes", you tell her. As this size difference you are incredible turned on by her toned body and firm breasts and can't wait to get in her pussy. You go to work and she was right about your arm as this size working perfect to pleasure her.

After multiple orgasms she lies in the afterglow . You start to move but she wraps her leg over you pinning you down. "You're not quite done" she tells you as she reaches down and pulls you so your face is level with her crotch. "Now I want to feel that little tongue of your lapping up all that sweet juice until I'm nice and clean", she laughs as she shoves your face in her pussy. She keeps you at it for an unbelievably long time occasionally grinding your face against her gaping pussy for the fun of it.

When she is finally satisfied, she gets up fixes her gowns and gets up from the bed going back for the ring again. You think you might have a chance to escape but she touches the gem and says, "Make him two inches" and you shrink back down before you can even get off the bed. You watch as she puts the ring on her finger of her left hand and then comes over and picks you up between her finger tips and hold you up to her face. "I had it backwards", she tells you smiling, "I don't need to keep the ring locked away when I can keep you locked away." She drops you into the jewelry box and blows you a kiss before closing the lid and saying, "Rest up little lover. I'll be back for more later."

You are left in darkness as she goes off to join the harem for the day. You are now far too small to escape from the jewelry box so you are stuck until she returns. After several hours pass, the lid is opened and it is ...

Your choices:

  1. Raelin
  2. Alexis - a palace slave girl looking to steal a piece of gold

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