Joe Reveals Himself To Raelin

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By: northgate

Joe steps out from behind the jewelry box in plain site of Raelin and says, "I'm here. Sorry for wandering off."

Raelin picks you up between her fingertips and hold you in front of her face. "I'll keep my word and not go hard on you but you still need to punished for not listening to me.", she tells you as she drops you in her palm face down. "This will teach you to obey", she says as her finger comes down on his bare bottom striking it hard. "You are a bad little boy and you need to listen", she tells him as she strikes him again.

"STOP THAT!", Joe yells up to her, "You may be bigger than me but I am still the sultan and you must obey".

"Ohhhh", Raelin replies, "Talking back will earn you seven more whacks little one. Now be quiet and talk it like a man." She giggles, "well a little man" as she strikes his bottom again.

When she finishes she fishes a long thin gold chain from the jewelry box and ties the chain around Joe's ankles leaving him dangling upside down on the end. She puts the chain on around her neck and it draps down leaving him suspended between her breasts. She uses her arms to squeeze her giant boobs together and squeezes her tiny prisoner between them. "Ohhh, you feel good there. Now for your punishment, you will stay there all day thinking how you will please me when I release you."

You start to respond but she cuts you off. "You will not speak unless spoken to or I will drape this chain around my hips and you will reside in my rear for the day. Joe stays silent while she dresses and he sees that he is hidden from view by her outfit. She checks everything out in the mirror and says, "Good, now remember you make a noise and there will be hell to pay.", she tells him as she leaves the chambers.

Your choices:

  1. Raelin Goes to Breakfasft

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