Still Small and Hiding

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By: northgate

Nothing changes and Joe's mind reels. He thinks, "Did the genie trick me and the ring doesn't work or did I do something wrong?"

Meanwhile Raelin has stirred and realizes her new little pet is gone. She looks around the bed for him thinking he fell off her or that she may have crushed him in her sleep but she doesn't find any evidence and the gears in her mind turn and she thinks that he may have run off. "Now wheer would he go?:, she thinks to herself.

Joe see Raelin awaken and knows he is out of time. He thinks should I hide from her or try one more time with the ring? He's not sure if he did anything wrong with the ring and if he did something wrong what it could be and decides hiding is the best course for now. He quietly climbs behind the large jewelry box and crouches down out of sight. It's not the best hiding place but all he has with seconds to spare.

Raelin is already out of the bed and scanning the floor. She remembers the ring and that would be a probable destination for the tiny sultan so she goes over to the table. Her naked body towers over the table as Joe peers out from his hiding place. Her navel is even with the table top and Joe sees her taut stomach in front of him and her perfect breasts hovering above.

She spies the ring and picks it up and slips it on her own finger. "Come out, little sultan. I have your ring and you can't get big without it. Come out now and I'll go easy on you", she says looking around the room.

Joe ...

Your choices:

  1. reveals himself and hopes for mercy
  2. decides to stay hidden. There is still the lamp.

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