The Loyalty of Titans

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By: derekthedalek

You manage to extract yourself from the fetal waste of the tratiorious Raelin as the numerous Harem members stand over your position in the bowl. Though a little nervous you note that Raelin seems a little worried herself as she speaks up.

"You see ladies - he is no better now than the waste that comes out of our asses. We should make him-!"

"No Raelin." Another Harem Girl speaks up - the beautiful Adara as you recall. "He is to be obeyed as we have agreed. The very fact he has survived the journey through you intact proves he has conquered such weaknesses as being harmed by us. And regardless of his stature, if we cannot harm him - even if we would wish to, which I certainly do not - we could never seek to control him. Master, we await your command." And as this all the Harem Girls bar Raelin and two other determined ladies bow humbly.

You manage to regain your composure and even feel amused at the admitively odd sight of some two dozen giantesses bowing before an inch sized Sultan. Still, you're not complaining and you quickly start dishing out orders. "Good. Now you two - fetch me some fresh water so I can clean off. And you two, find out what Raelin did with that Size Ring and then bring it here. And lock her and those other two up for the night down in the cell - that might teach them to do as I say. And Adara dearest - fetch me a tray of food and water, I am quite hungry."

Sure enough the various tasks are seen to - you are washed off by a pair of giant sized beauties, their lovely fingers cleaning you off and unsurprisingly giving you a raging hard on. Adara comes with a plate of fine curry which is fifty times your size and lays it in front of you, and with a grin and knowledge you can always have those beautiful washing girls give you another clean, you climb onto the plate and crawl into the hot sauces and rice yourself, eating as much as you desire as you explore your huge banquet and experience the pleasure of the warm spices upon your naked body. Once you have had your fill you climb out and slip from a tiny cup, having enjoyed the experience of 'playing with your food'. The idea of taking mudane actvities like eating and making them exciting through your tiny size - this is part is why you relished the idea of being small... and being obeyed.

After another clean Adara approaches you and informs you she has the size ring, giving it down to you. You are pleased the Harem girls are proving loyal and kind towards you, and you fully intend to ensure they are treated fairly and come to know that as long as you are obeyed, you will be good to them. Trying out the ring you return to full size and admire the way your harem stares as your impressive member. You will no doubt make love to them all over time, perhaps even have them all bear your children. Still there is the issue of the trio of unloyal girls to consider, and you are informed by Adara that they are still in the cells, moping over their fate. In time you will decide if they have learnt their lesson and can return to your circle or if they will have to leave the comforts of your palace. You order the guards to keep an eye on them all the same.

As night falls you ponder how you will enjoy the evening with those loyal harem. As it is your first proper night of power you have the idea of having all of the loyal two-dozen Harem Girls in your bed chamber, going between loving them all at full size and some shrunken state and exploring their beautiful titan sized bodies with no more fear of harm thanks to your final wish. Alternatively you are pleased with Adara at her loyalty to you since Raelin's near treachery and you have thought of rewarding her by being the first to experience your love in the one-to one sessions you plan to take every night with each Harem Girl. But which to do? Either way you are no doubt in for a night of pleasure.

Your choices:

  1. Enjoy the Company of all of your loyal Harem tonight.
  2. Make Love with Adara this evening.

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