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By: northgate

Raelin's group narrowly wins out to take over now that you are helpless to stop them. However the opposition is still strong and Raelin is afraid they may use you to turn the tide back against their new found independence so Raelin decides to make a move. She wanted to keep you around but you are too dangerous to them so she decides the best course of action would be to dispose of you.

In the meantime you can hear voices and it has become much cooler and you push yourself out of her shit and free yourself only to find you are in a bowl with several girls including Raelin looking at you. You start to speak but Raelin talks over you drowning you out.

"Our sultan has been reduced and is no better than the waste that comes from my ass. It is time for us to declare our independence as free woman and break this cycle of slavery. I will take the first act to stop him. She takes the bowl with you still in it a chute in the wall and she dumps the contents of the bowl including you down the chute as several of the girls yell for her to stop.

It is a steep decline and you speed a long distance. You try to stop yourself from falling but someone rinsed the chute with a pitcher of water that makes you go faster. A moment later you hit the bottom, a pit of trash and waste from the palace. You quickly gain your composure and climb out of the trash pit to get away from it as fast as possible. You wander a while and find a path that leads to a road. Your progress is very slow being one inch tall but you still have your invincibility that protects you. You make it to the road and you see the palace behind you soaring into the sky. It is big but at your perspective it is impossibly large.

You look at the road and you see one way leads back toward the palace while the other leads to a town just outside the palace. They seem the same distance to you and you decide to go to ...

Your choices:

  1. back to the palace
  2. toward the town

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