War of the Harem Girls

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By: derekthedalek

You spend a couple of hours in Raelin's Digestive Tract, your eyes managing to adjust in time to the lack of light in the darkened world of her body. You're not sure really whether to be irritated or excited - you're glad to be finally getting to see the insides of your harem as you always wanted, without fear of digestion or any other form of death which would come from residing in this sort of place, but then it wasn't your choice to come down here - perhaps in time it might have been, but on your terms, not anyone else's.

The passages have you twisting round corners and turns and you can't help but get into the excitement of being on this glorified log flume of a ride as you elect to remove your rather stained clothing that appears not to have shared your ability to survive environments. No matter - you are just as impressive naked as in any clothing and have a dozen tailors no doubt to undo what you have lost.

But then you still have to rely on the size changing ring and relative loyalty from your harem girls - something Raelin has yet to demonstrate to you from her actions.

After a while longer you reach the clearly smelly world of Raelin's rectum and the large lumps of shit which have joined you on your travels through her. You are a tad worried on what you might find after exiting Raelin - no doubt she will have been busy on some form of tratiorious attempt to exercise authority over you. But your thoughts are muffled as you hear a mighty groan and realise that Raelin is attempting to push you out of her.

With some effort your inch sized body is pushed through the sphincter of Raelin and you find yourself surrounded by amazed Harem girls as Raelin lays over a small bowl, errected to help get you out of her body once you were on the other side of her digestive tract.

What you don't know is in the twenty four hours you have been disposed, Raelin has been telling the others of your new powers and the means to which they can become in charge and not yourself. Surprisingly for yourself several of the Harem took this new invinsibility power of yours to mean that you should be obeyed regardless of size and remain loyal to others, others took Raelin's view of reclaiming their freedom and having you do what they want, and then the large majority were undecided. Ultimately it came in your absence to a battle of voices - Raelin and her crew on one side, loyalists like Neda and Adara on the other and most in the middle. About an hour ago though, one side won the vocal vote and those in opposition have had to accept for now the verdict. And your exit from Raelin's body will either begin your control of the Harem or theirs of yours.

The question is... which side won?

Your choices:

  1. Raelin's crew got the most votes - you're now their puppet!
  2. Adara's crew won the vote - your Harem is loyal to you regardless of size!

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