Invinciblity Wish

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By: northgate

Jasmine appears and asks for your last wish as Raelin looks on in amazement of the whole scene. "I wish to be invincible so nothing will hurt or kill me.", you tell her and she blinks once. "It is done", she tells you and now I am free from this place. Just as quickly as she appeared, Jasmine turns back to smoke and goes back into the lamp and a moment latter the lamp disappears.

"I feel exactly the same", you say to Raelin, "How do I know if it really worked?" You think for a moment and pick up a small dagger and slash at your arm. The cut heals immediately. Raelin jumps back in surprise, "It is magic. I works."

"Of course", you say to the silly harem girl. She seems so much more innocent and harmless now that you are full size again.

"You need a real test before you use the ring and go out there. Something that proves you can't be hurt. Try shrinking to one inch and we can test your powers.", she tells you.

You think that she is right that you need to test your power with the ring so you touch the stone and say, "I wish to be one inch tall." and immediately you are transformed. Again the ring falls to the ground near you but Raelin doesn't bother to grab it this time. Instead she plucks you off the ground between her fingertips and smiles at you and says, "We need a real test sultan."

You watch in horror as she opens her mouth and dangles you over her tongue. "Now I will rid my sisters in the harem of the evil sultan once and for all.", she says as she drops you in and swallows you whole. You slide down her throat unable to stop your descent and you wonder what she had in mind. After all she must know you won't be harmed and will come out within a day.

You splash into her stomach and a few moments later other food starts to rain down as she starts eating from the tray of food that was in your quarters. All the fod starts her stomach churning and although this isn't pleasant it isn't hurting you either.

Your choices:

  1. Travel Through Raelin and Find Out Her Plan

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