The Last Wish

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By: derekthedalek

Joe is elated as he finds he has returned to his fomer size, abeit it with some pain as he finds he crashed to the floor upon full growing. Raelin has woken from the sudden noise but just in time, Joe places the ring within the pocket of some robes he has put on to cover his previously naked body.

Raelin is more than a little nervous when she realises that her Sultan has regained his stature but feeling kind hearted and feeling that Jasmine the Genie is on the whole responsible for his misfortunes thus far, Joe forgives her and reaches for the lamp. He wonders how to ensure his final wish is granted properly, without interference from his somewhat untrustworthy genie.

He has two ideas for wishes, though neither will give him fully what he desires, which is a pity. One option would be to get proper size changing powers - this way he does not have to worry if any of his Harem get uppity and do things against his wishes, since he can simply change back to full size rather than rely on a unreliable size ring. The problem is that he would not have Invinciblity, which would allow him to do things which under normal circumstances would be possibly painful or fatal like explore the interior of his Harem's bodies - a particular desire of his. Not to mention the fact that if a Harem girl was determined enough, she might manage to kill him before he would be able to regain full size.

The other option is then Invinciblity. This would protect him in fact at any size, ensuring his safety at all times and meaning that little would faze him if the Harem girls attempted anything uppity which would involve pain. The issue at hand would be a lack of size changing power - he would have to rely on the ring to change size. Even so at a shrunken size he would be able to do normally fatal or painful things, such as go inside his Harem's bodies where under normal circumstances there would be a lack of oxygen. In this circumstance then, he would need to ensure some failsafe, some means of preventing the Harem from getting their hands on the ring; for even if they could not use it themselves, Joe would possibly have to fear not being able to reach it and therefore be trapped at his current height.

He glanced a little irritated at the lamp. Jasmine had by definition prevented his utter success by altering his previous wish. He would have to ensure his way was gotten as he rubbed the lamp and prepared for his final wish.

Your choices:

  1. Wish for Proper Size Changing Powers He Could Control Himself?
  2. Wish for Invinciblity?

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