Using the Ring

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By: derekthedalek

Joe takes on final look at Raelin, contented that she is too far asleep to notice his absence in the short term, and then moves to the bottom of the cabinet to start the climb towards the ring. He summerises that if he returns to full size, and considering the fact that the Genie told him the ring only responds to his own touch (she might be crafty, but Joe suspects she is not the lying type - hopefully) he would then be more at liberty to make his final wish in relative safety.

The climb up the oak wood is by no means easy at just four inches tall but Joe is determined and manages to reach the top in a couple of minutes. He is naturally wary - though Raelin is sound asleep the other harem girls might be wandering about, and even though none besides the girl on his bed know of his current plight, he feels it wouldn't take them long to possibily come to the same upity attitude. Joe knows he must ensure that at whatever size he might be, that he can be in control of his desires and not any other way.

Success is almost his - the large ruby is just mere metres away as Joe reaches the top of the cabinet. He walks cautiously across to it, glancing one last time at the harem girl. Still asleep, though he resolves not to become cocky, not until after he has both the ring and lamp at his command.

He reaches the ring and sees the ruby on its tip. Touching it, he speaks out "I wish to return to my original size."

He feels a change come over him and...

Your choices:

  1. Success! Joe is back to Normal Size! Now for the Lamp...
  2. Failure. Joe is stuck small... or is that smaller than before?

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