Titan Sized Harem Girl

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By: derekthedalek

It certainly seemed illogical with the prospect of the possibly traitorous Harem Girl at hand, but Joe was more than keen to become more aware of his women's bodies, even if some of them would prove more problematic than others. And besides which, his new gifted powers meant it would be a simple task to either survive any torments Raelin or others could throw at him, not to mention give him a significant edge in getting hold of the Size Ring. No matter what happened it would particualrly difficult for a man impossible to kill to be thwarted in his ambitions.

Sure enough as Joe touched the ring he felt the familar throb of energy from within, waiting for command from its master. True that he was at present unable to find the means to ensure that the ring changed sizes with him - were he able to do that there would be little to stand in his way of successful adventures - but his final wish did please him somewhat, and he whispered to the ring carefully "I wish to be half an inch tall."

The world about him shuddered and Joe watched in amazement as the ring in front of him grew even larger, until it towered over him at twice his height. Joe glanced back at the still resting Raelin, and was struck with twin emotions of fear and excitment. Where as Raelin had been big before she now loomed across from him, a titan in every sense of the word.

Joe decided not to waste anymore time and so headed across the cabinet until he reached the edge that faced the bed. Taking a brave leap of faith, though fully aware now that failure would mean little problem to him, he jumped expertly onto the soft skin of Raelin's exposed chest.

He couldn't have been sure if he was responsible by his certain landing or not but this was at this moment that just above him, he saw the Harem's girl eyes flick open and a loud yawn emerge from her throat. For a second fear took him again as she glanced vaguely in his direction, but he remembered his previous position and realized that she was looking for where he had previously been: against her breast. She glanced this way and that, first at the rin which she was curiously aware had not apparently moved, and then in alarm at the absent lamp. Joe realized in delight that he must be too small for her to notice him save under close scrutiny, and that perhaps she thought he had used the lamp and last wish to return to normal size and leave his abode.

Whatever her thought he braced himself as Raelin stood up and continue to stare about, quite unaware that the missing Sultan was a good deal smaller than before and only a couple of inches from under her face. Simply put, Joe was in the perfect hiding place. Raelin began to walk about the room though, and Joe had to make himself steady as he felt the vast steps she took to propell herself forwards. He marvelled at how simple actions as moving and walking now seemed exciting to him.

Still, as Raelin shugged and placed the size ring in some aquired robes Joe tried to determine his next move. This Harem Girl couldn't be fully trusted, but with his smaller size and new abilities she would likely prove easier to control. He figured it would be best then to explore her body as she went to her own tasks, letting her actions decide how he went about her. But what to do first?

He figured he had two options from his current placement. The breasts were right under him of course, but he was probably still too large to be able to squeeze his way into her nipple, and such an action would certainly raise him to her attention, something he wasn't 100% on doing just yet. So either he could crawl up her chin to her face and head off to one of several entry points on the head - risking possible detection via the eyes at closer range of course - or else he could proceed downwards, past the stomach and into the depths of her more womanly areas front and back, but this time on his own terms as opposed to anything she would be thinking of.

But which would it be?

Your choices:

  1. Up over the Chin to the Face.
  2. Down the Clothing to the Nether Regions.

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