Climb Mount Xu

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By: northgate

You decide to check out Xu beautiful face close up. She is lying on her back and you need to find a way up on her without awakening her. Since she is naked there are no clothes to hoist up on. You look up at her sleeping and at your size you can't even climb up on her belly. You decide to go for her hand and work your way up her arm and over her shoulder.

You make the trip easily and you are thankful she didn't move around under you. From her shoulder you hold her long silky brown hair to work your way onto her face. She is breathing heavily in her sleep and her lips are right in front of you. You hesitate for a moment as she exhales heavily. Then you get down and attempt to kiss her bottom lip. However, her body reacts unconsciously to his kiss and her mouth upens slightly and her tongue comes out to wet her lip. Her reaction is a surprise causing you to step back to avoid the tongue. However, you lose your footing and go tumbling down and over her chin. You land on top of her throat and you look back up at her chin now high above you.

You could try to scale her face again but then you see another object of interest below you and more easily accessible, her breasts. They aren't huge and she is still on her back so her breasts should be easy to mount and you head down to make an attempt. The slope to mount her breast is easy and you soon find yourself kneeling at the top of her breast with her nipple below you. At your size it is nearly as big as you but you are enamored with it and take to using your hand to gently rub and play with it watching her reaction. You want to taste her and this is a perfect opportunity and you reach down and take the huge nipple in your mouth and suck on it.

She lets out a soft moan in her sleep and you know it is your effect on her. You are totally absorbed in sucking on her nipple when suddenly...

Your choices:

  1. your stimulation awakens her.
  2. she rolls on her side sending you flying

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