The Beauty of Xu

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By: derekthedalek

"I will be intending on using my using some of my newly found powers to explore one of my beautiful Harem girls more intimately than I might do at full size tonight." You tell Raelin carefully. "You will be on stand-by to help me return to full size once I am finished buy holding onto the Size Ring." You grin happily - with your new ability to survive any sort of environment, going inside your girl's bodies will be a piece of cake, and even if you find Raelin difficult you'll be able to rely on your powers to protect you from any harm which might come your way.

You spend the next couple of hours before night fall getting to both the in and outs of both your palace and the Harem, treating them to a fine meal prepared by your own chef and lavishing each of them equally with pleasure as you learn more about them. Your Harem is delightfully varied - African, Russian and Asian, Red Haired, Blonde and Brunette - and each of them are a delight to behold with their beauties and skills. You play several games with the girls, kissing them deeply on the lips, stroking them on the bottom and hearing their arrousal as you rub their pussy lips. You prove to be a firm but fair Sultan, and you are pleased to see that after your initial problems with Raelin none of the girls, including the culprit herself who seems to have learnt her lesson nicely, are a problem or displease you.

Of course part of this intial evening with the girls is to scope out the best target for inner-body exploration, and you soon spy the most logical candidate - Xu Yong, an Asian girl with a near-perfect hourglass body, even visible with her oriential robes drapped over her, and a firm sized bussom, not as huge as some yet still impressive for a woman of her culture. Like all of your Harem she appears to speak good English yet retains her traditional accent, and her voice is warm an soothing, a quality you admire greatly.

Your mind is made - for tonight choice of investigation, you will explore the Giantess Body of Xu with great pleasure. One by one you allow your Harem to retire to their quarters, save eventually for Raelin. You tell her of your choice and ask her to accompany you to the edge of Xu's abode. Putting on the ring you decide to make yourself smaller than before, so as to ensure body exploration is easier to achieve, and wish to be reduced to half an inch tall. The world around you shoots upwards and you find yourself staring up at Raelin's beautiful titan sized form, even bigger than you remember from before.

For a moment you are nervous that she will betray you again but your words combined with your new abilities seem to have made her loyal to you even at this tiny size, and she scopes the ring up carefully. "Not to worry great Sultan. I'll keep this until you need it once more - just head for my own quarters once you're finished." She winks sexually. "Perhaps the Sultan will care to examine my own beauty inside and out once he is finished with Xu?" You're not certain she'd be able to hear your response so you simply nod and move off under the silky robes which serve as a doorframe and into the quarters of Xu Long.

You are instantly stunned by her as she is across the room - decorated to resemble the style of her China Homeland - checking her long flowing hair in a hand mirror as she appears to be preparing for bed. She speaks softly to herself, yet to you her voice seems to have a slight boom as the titan wonders out loud. "Oh, but the Sultan is such a wonderful man. I am glad he is pleased with me, though it is true he feels the same of all the others Ah well..." You wonder what she would think if she knew you were giving her a personal audience - still, the thought of having the chance to see your Harem girls' beauty up close without their awareness excites you immensely, coupled with the idea of dual experiences - savouring them full sized by day, entering their huge bodies by night.

You move closer to her form, aware at this state even a single foot is many times larger than you. Traversing the exterior world at this size is diffiicult you think, but it will pay off once you are within her body itself. As you get closer, she rises from her mirror area and moves across to her bed, and you watch in awe as one foot soars over you and you briefly meet darkness as you are directly beneath her robe, able to see the dim shape of her smooth legs rising into the depth of her forbidden areas.

She reaches her bed and unclips her robes, letting them fall loosly to the floor as she becomes completely naked in front of you before reaching down to pick her clothing up in order to fold it neatly, her room being a virtue of cleaness. As she does so her huge pussy looms over you and you have to mentally will yourself not to cum there and then. To know that such a huge body will be yours to explore with all its wonders and secret pleasures...

You snap out of your daze as Xu Long blows out the lamps, sending the room into relative darkness and sadly ending your visual peepshow, before entering her bed and placing her head upon the pillow. From down her it becomes difficult to see her, though you become aware of her calm breathing as she gently falls asleep.

With your lovely Harem Girl resting before you, it is easy for you to climb the sheets, though the effort takes you a good ten minutes and you have to rest once you reach the top. Despite this you now have the advantage to see in the dark a little more clearly, and you can see that Xu is breathing in and out carefully as she sleeps.

Excitement overtakes you. You have a sleeping Harem Girl to explore, and you be honest you aren't sure where to begin. There are several sets of entrances to the body of this beauty of course, but which to go for first. Eventually you opt for one of two choices - you are presently in the vicinity of her belly, just below her sheets, so you could either to head for her lower regions to check out her pussy or bottom, or else up towards her face and check out either the mouth, nose or her ears.

So Micro-Sized Sultan, what's it to be?

Your choices:

  1. Down Towards the Pussy and Ass.
  2. Up Towards the Face and Mouth.

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