Gaining the Upper Hand

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By: derekthedalek

"I wish that nothing at all could harm or kill me." Joe smiled up at the genie, a mental victory he felt. Through this manner, he would be able to handle anything the Harem threw at him, so much to the extent that maybe even their apparent attempts to harm him might amuse him. He could even handle a visit inside their bodies far better than he had in his last excursion with the sleeping Raelin, who was still sound asleep despite the presence of the Genie.

Jasmine seemed to look a little irritated, possibly aware that there was little she might to corrupt this final wish. Joe's only knick was his still small stature of four inches - but with the usage of the somewhat useless Size Ring he still might succeed in returning to full size, and once then there would be little anyone could do to stop him, and even at small size, there would be a level of security he would be able to rely on.

Joe felt something rush through his body - an energy of sorts - and then felt normal once more. The giant genie above spoke up. "Ok, your body is now impossible to harm and kill. A handy gift indeed, Sultan." Joe detected some measure of irritation in her voice, but it didn't concern him too much. However, he was wanting to be certain that he was invincible, enough to the extent that he was prepared to risk his life slightly.

"I would like a test of such a statement before you go. How about stepping on me?" This was a partial attempt by Joe to give her some slight success in a otherwise flawless wish - she deserved such a prize. It appeared to succeed - Jasmine gave a slight thankful smile and raised her foot above him before bringing it down on top of him.

Joe naturally flinched, though not to the terrified extent he would under normal circumstances. As the foot and its weight pressed on top on him and his body was pushed to the floor, he laughed slightly. Certainly he could feel her weight on top of him, but there was no pain, and he knew she had stepped hard enough to do him serious if not fatal injury at his small size. Jasmine's musky foot rose from on top of him and he smiled at her, not smirking but thankful for the demonsration.

"Well, it appear that was your final wish. I trust you will find the means to return to full size through the ring eventually. Thank you for freeing me, in any case." With that, the lamp and Jasmine disappeared into smoke.

Joe looked about, pleased at some measure of victory. True that he was still tiny, but his current size was far less problematic than it had been. He was impossible to harm, and thus anything his harem might do to get uppity would prove anything if futile - he could easily refuse their demands thanks to the loss of the fear of death and pain on their part, regardless of size. True that he had been denied full size changing power and had to rely on some pathetic Size Ring he already knew would not change with him, but perhaps there would be a way around that problem eventually.

He glanced back at the still resting Raelin, whose treatment of him earlier made him more than a little peeved at her. Still, he was prepared to forgive her for the time being, and he began to move up to the bed and started climbing the wooden cabinet to where the large red ring sat. Within a matter of minutes he was sitting nicely on the shelf, both the ring and Raelin's sleeping form both not far away.

He had two options. Either he could attempt to use the ring to return to full size and plan from there, or instead use the ring to become smaller than he was now, capable of getting inside the sleeping attractive woman who lay across from him and explore the workings of one of his harem more closely.

Your choices:

  1. Use the Ring to return to Full Size.
  2. Use the Ring to become smaller and explore Raelin's body.

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