A Tough Decision

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By: derekthedalek

Joe realises that his current situation, though not altogether unpleasant, is liable to prove problematic in the future if he does not find some means of returning to normal size. He knows that the genie is proving to be crafty, using his wishes against him in order perhaps to fulfil her own desires, or simply be what she is. Joe knows that with his last wish he will have to find some means of ensuring that he can have the last laugh, plus make sure that ultimately he is in control of his harem and not the other way round.

Glancing up at Raelin he sees that she is sound asleep, a contented look upon her brow from their recent lovemaking. Joe quietly attempts to move under her large arms, spotting a gap which lets him move cautiously over her exposed belly and onto the matress. With increased speed Joe moves down the sheets onto the stone floor.

He looks about, spotting the red gem across on a large table which would be a significant climb. He is irritated - his dreams of changing size all depend on one wish, and he knows he cannot get everything he wants now. If he was to use the ring to return to his full size and then the map for wish for proper size changing powers, he would still be at the mercy of his harem due to the fact he had not cosndier wishing first for the ability to not die or get hurt from any injury. If on the other hand he wished for that, he would be pretty much safe from any harm, but would either have to rely on the unreliable Size Ring, or else accept full sizeness and the mere company of his harem.

Joe glances back at Raelin, who appears to be still soundly asleep. He must make a choice to try either for the Lamp on one side of the room, or else to go for the ring first and try and restore himself to full size.

Your choices:

  1. Go for the Lamp?
  2. Go for the Ring?

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