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By: northgate

Joe tells her that he'd like to explore her body and she carries him over to the bed and lies on her back with her head propped up so she can watch as she deposits him in the valley between her breasts. "There you go my little explorer", Raelin tells him

Joe immediately decides to mount her breast which is softer and harder to climb than he anticipates and he falls off a few times before he climbs to the top and sits straddling her nipple. He plays with the tip of her nipple causing it to become erect as he continues playing.

"I like to feel your little kisses there", Raelin says fully enjoying his treatment but Joe doesn''t listen to her. The whole situation happening around him mounting the beautiful girl's breast is too much and he uses his penis to jack off against her nipple. She tells him to stop it but he is too consumed in the moment and ignores her.

Finally she sits up and Joe loses his perch and is set tumbling down her body past her taut stomach over her muscular thighs and down to the bed. Joe looks up and sees he is now surrounds on both sides by her thighs. "You nasty little man", she tells him as she is noe sitting up and looking down at him, "Perhaps it's time you do a little cave exploring"

Joe looks up in front of him and sees her fingers spreading out her glistening wet pussy. "Wait a minute", he tells her, "I could suffocate in there or get crushed by your muscles. I can't go in there." He starts to back away but her fingers catch him and drag him forward rubbing his face against the outside of her wet pussy. She pushes him in headfirst up to his ankles. He struggles to get free but this only stimulates her causing her orgasm pleasure her further.

Joe realized what is happening and tries to stay as still as possible but she is ready to counter by running her fingernail over the soles of Joe's feet. Unfortunately Joe is very ticklish and this drives him crazy and he squirms around even move causing her to orgasm again.

After what seems an eternity to Joe, she is satisfied and allows him to crawl out and collapse on the bed between her thighs. She sits up again and says, "Wow that was incredible. I never experienced those feelings before. I can never let you go now."

She carries Joe over to a bowl of water and washes and drys him off. She takes him back to the bed and cuddles him against her breast as she falls asleep. "We will be together forever", she purrs closing her eyes.

Does Joe ...

Your choices:

  1. Stay with Raelin
  2. Get away as fast as he can.

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