Raelin Teaches You a Lesson

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By: northgate

Raelin carries you over a large chest of drawers and drops you down on top. You are worried about what this girl who apparently is now your wife has in mind. She spots a small wooden structure nearby that is the size of a small shed to you and she opens it. Inside she finds a variety of jewels and gold jewelry that you keep to bestow on your harem as gifts. Most of it was probably stolen as treasure by your army and given to you as tribute. She takes out a golden locket. It is fairly large as lockets go. The front has an intricate pattern of gold that rather than being solid has many cut outs perhaps designed for the wearer to place some fragrant inside that they could lift to their nose to smell.

Raelin flips it open and inspects it carefully. She then looks at you and sighs, "It's just too small.", she thinks aloud. She smiles a devilish smile and continues aloud, " or you are too big." You start to tell her not to do what she is thinking but you barely get a word out when she takes the ring and says, "I wish the sultan was one inch tall". You instantly shrink and you know this is not good as you are pinched between her giant fingertips and dropped into the cold hard metal of the locket. "this will keep you safe and close to me until you learn who is in charge." She snaps the locket shut and and you are forced into an uncomfortable position in a sort of fetal position unable to straighten out.

She put the locket on and admires it in a full length mirror. You can see out the cutouts in the face of the locket and you can see her looking at you in the reflection. You yell out in protest and she lifts the locket up to her mouth and blows into it to silence you. "You will not speak unless spoke to. If you do it will only add to the days you will staying in there, my little husband. If you don't behave, I may have to shrink you even smaller and have you mounted on a stud to adorn my navel or even lower down. I bet you would enjoy that." She lowered the locket back down between her ample breasts.

She left your quarters and went to the throne room where it quickly became apparent that everyone knew her as your one and only the queen. She held court telling people that you were ill and asked her to carry on in your absence which didn't seem to be questioned by anyone. She eat and drank and was entertained while you sulked in your little prison between her breasts.

When it got late in the evening she retired to your chambers to find some fruit and wine left there by the servants. She removed her pendent and hold it up to her face. "I am such a bad wife", she tells you with a fake pout, "I ate and drank and all you could do was watch. Would you like to share what was left her for us?"

"Yes, please", you reply with your throat parched. "alright, my little sultan, drink to your hearts content", she laughed as she opened the locket and you tumbled out into a deep goblet of dark red wine. You emerged at the surface coughing the unexpected mouthfuls of wine that you just got. Raelin swirled the glass roughly sending you splashing under waves of wine. "By all means husband, drink more.", she laughed continuing the treatment while also sipping from the glass bringing you dangerously close to her lips and whatever lied beyond. After a while, when she bored of the game and wanted to finish the wine without swallowing you, she put her finger in the glass for you to climb on to safety. She lifts you out but instead of setting you down her finger heads for her now exposed breast and she deposits you on her already enlarged nipple. "This is part of your apology to me. I want kisses, lots of kisses."

You don't wait to be told again and immediately kiss her nipple over and over and it grows even larger. "Suck it !", she orders and you try but it is bigger than you can get your mouth around but you do your best. She transfers you to her other breast enjoying the sensation of a helpless tiny man servicing her sensitive nipples. When she is satisfied she takes you between her fingertips and sets you down on the table next to a grape that is as big as you. "My little man deserves a snack for all that hard work.", she tells you.

You look at the grape but there is no way you can bite it of break the skin and you have no utensils to help with the job. Raelin looks down and sees your predicament and says, "Is that grape too big for my widdle tiny husband? Let me help you." and her hand descends from above and her fingertip easily crushes the grape spraying you with the juice, "Eat up, it's all yours" an d you go to town on the grape eating the soft meaty center and drinking the juice the best you can.

When you finish she picks you up and remarks how messy you are from the grape and wine. She orders you to strip down so your clothes can be cleaned and you you comply finding yourself naked and in the palm of her hand. "Still too messy", she says and her tongue descends on you giving you a bath in her saliva as she licks the wine and juice from you. She finishes and deposits you back in the locket flicking the clasp shut and setting it on the table beside her bed. "You were a good little husband today. Keep it up and perhaps you will be bigger soon." She shuts the lamp leaving you in darkness to sleep.

Your choices:

  1. The next day at one inch
  2. Raelin gives you some height back in the morning

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