Wish Raelin is your Wife

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By: northgate

You think for a minute about cheating Raelin but knowing how your bad decisions have turned out you decide you better play this straight especially since you don't want to be stuck tiny and this is your best way out. You look up at the genie and Raelin and say, "For my final wish, I wish that Raelin become my one and only wife."

The genie replies saying, "As you wish" and Raelin is enveloped in a bright white light and transformed, her hair is done up beautifully and she is now wearing royal robes not unlike what you started out in. Raelin rushes over to a full length mirror to check herself out and the genie smiles down at you and says, "Congratulations on your new wife. Now that your wishes are fulfilled I must take my leave". The genie and the lamp both disappear in another bright light.

Raelin comes back to you and picks you up in her cupped hand and brings you up to her face. "Thank you for granting my wish" and plants a big kiss across your face. "I can't wait to see those snotty girls listen to my every command", she says as she drops you back on the bed and says, "I'll be right back"

You start to tell her to wait and make you big but she leaves too suddenly leaving you behind on the bed. You look around for the ring but then remember seeing it on Raelin's finger when she picked you up. You sit there fuming how she just left you like this so she could go boss the harem girls around. It is over an hour before she comes back and she rushes over to tell you how they fed her grapes and gave her a foot massage and she got more respect than ever before obeying all her orders. "That's nice", you tell her, "but you still need to keep your end of the bargain and make me big again."

"Of course, my sultan", she says as she touches the ring and says, "Make the sultan five foot tall" You quickly grow put you are a good head below Raelin who is 5 foot 9 and wearing heels. You immediately feel tricked by this crafty girl and want to get even.

"That's not fair", you tell her outraged, "I was at least six foot tall before."

"Well you are in the range of normal size and I've gotten used to looking down at you. Why change now?", she giggles at you pulling you in between her breasts.

You grab at her arm and try and twist it hurting her and saying "Give me the ring back" as you try to get to her finger to wrestle it away from her. You both struggle but her height advantage makes her stronger too and she is able to push you away and to the ground as you hear her say, "I wish the sultan was four inches tall" and you instantly shrink back down making you again regret your decision.

She gets on her knees and scoops you up in her plan and looks down at you. "I was just playing with you. I was going to make you six foot again. I'm not a harem girl that you can push around any more. I am your wife and you need to learn to respect me and not try and hurt me when you don't get your way like the spoiled brat you are. I think you need to learn a lesson."

Your choices:

  1. She gets a harem girl to torture you
  2. She teaches you a lesson herself

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