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By: northgate

"I wish to be normal sized", you tell the genie and in a flash you are back to six foot tall. Raelin has backed away across the room while the genie is still in front of you are you can't stop admiring her body and sexy outfit. "My job here is done. You have had your three wishes. Farewell.", she says and she and lamp disappear in a flash.

You see Raelin across the room and it is time to deal with her. "I guess you aren't still going to make me your wife?", she asks you. "No, but it time I deal with you for your treachery.", you reply as you walk toward her think about how to deal with her. She smiles at you and hold her hand up and you see the ring still on her finger. "Forgetting something", she laughs and you lunge at her. Before you can reach her, she says, "Make the sultan three inches tall"

In a flash you transformed back to a diminished version of yourself and Raelin stand towering in front of you. "It looks like it will be I dealing with you for your treachery. I thought we had a deal and you were going to make me your wife. Now the genie in gone and this is just between you and me. I guess we'll have to find another way to make this up to me."

She carries you over to the bed and loosening her garments and pushing her undergarments aside and revealing herself to you. "I need to keep you some place safe and you need to begin to learn you new duties as my future husband so now is as good a time as any", she says as she shoves you head first deep inside her pussy. "Now lots of kisses for me because for now on I'll be the only woman for you and you will be dedicated to pleasuring me anyway I see fit.", she says with a laugh.

You scream for her but your tiny voice can be heard from inside her and she redresses and goes out to enjoy her day knowing you and safely in your place.

Your choices:

  1. Raelin takes you out at bedtime

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