You wish Raelin Away

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By: northgate

You shout to the genie, "I wish Raelin was banished far away from here." and before the harem girl can react she vanishes leaving just the ring that falls to the floor. The genie turns back to you and says, "Your wishes are now complete so I wish you farewell and both she and the lamp disappear in a flash.

You find yourself alone in your chambers and the only problem that remains is that you are still four inches tall and the ring is far below you on the floor but this is a small problem compared to a few minutes ago. You survey the situation and realize you need to climb down to get to the ring and the drop to the floor is about 60 feet which is something you'd rather avoid. You think about it for a few moments and you know you have no choice. Using the bed sheet you slowly climb down knowing that very soon you will be back to full size and only you will know about the power of the ring.

You make it to the bottom and you are almost there as the ring is by the head of the bed and you climbed down by the foot of the bed where the sheet was pushed down. Just as you start to navigate to the ring, someone enters the room and you scamper under the bed to remain hidden. You see bare feet and a rough broom and you realize this must be a slave girl who think the chambers are empty and came to clean them.

You figure you will wait until she is done and then finish what you set out to do. She continues working and you watch as best you can from your hiding place. You can see her for a moment dressed in rags but still very attractive in her own way. Then you watch in horror as she finds the ring and picks it up. She looks at it for a few moments and then places it in her pocket.

You know that is your only way to get restored to normal and you have to get it back. You then notice there is a wooden box of supplies she is using to clean by the door that gives you a possible idea to get the ring back. You decide to ...

Your choices:

  1. hide in the box and wait for a moment to get the ring back.
  2. be direct and order her to give you the ring now.

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