Double Crossing Raelin

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By: patnewworld

Raelin leans over you, casting an ominous shadow as the genie stands next to her. "Well, go ahead little sultan. Make your wish and we can be together forever." As she says this you realize: Why does she have any command over you at all? The genie has to obey your every command, so why should it be what she wants? You smile to yourself as your realize that she may have the height advantage for the time being, but you have the power of a mystical woman at your beckon call. This was going to be great.

You motion for the genie to lean in closer to you, and the world shakes as she gets on her hands and knees to see you up close. It's amazing how every time you see her you are more and more blown away by her beauty. Her voice booms as she says "Just one wish left, Master. What will it be?" You can see that Raelin has caught on to your trickery, and she gasps saying "Don't you dare go back on your word, you little.." Before she can lay down a hand to grab you, you close your eyes and shout up at the genie...

Your choices:

  1. "I wish Raelin was banished far away from here!"
  2. "I wish to be normal size!"
  3. "I wish to be married to YOU!"

Retrieved September 13, 2016