Make a Deal with Raelin

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By: northgate

That evening Raelin returns to your chambers and releases you from being trapped at one inch against her nipple and drops you on the bed. She gets on her knees beside the bed and watches you struggle to stand on the soft bedding and chuckles to herself. Once you are standing, she playfully lets out a puff of air from her mouth and you going tumbling over from the breath. You don't try to get up but she lets out a bigger breath and send you tumbling across the bed. "You are so fragile at this size. I'm sure you want to be big again.", she asks you.

"Yes!", you yell at her, "Please make me big" but she can't even hear your voice. Realizing the problem she takes the ring and tells it to make you four inches tall to your relief and so she can hear your voice.

"Now then", she says with a smile of self satisfaction, "Do you wish to continue to adorn my nipple or shall I become your one and only wife. The choice is yours my tin y sultan."

"Okay", you tell her, "You win. I will make you my wife, my one and only wife. Now make me full size again."

"I don't think so", she says, "First you will make me your wife so I know you won't cheat me. After all I have seen what you have done in the time I have been in your harem. You will make me your wife tonight."

"That's not possible", you tell her, "It takes time. Preparations need to be make and people notified. I can't marry you tonight."

"I know a way", she says as she stands up and goes over to your dresser where the genies lamp is sitting. "You have one wish left and all you need to do is wish me to be your one and only wife. Once I am your wife I will return your size." She stands at full height beside the bed holding the lamp over your head. "I'll make the deal even better. I'll even let you fiddle around with the harem girls when we are married but only when you are little. Only I will have you when you are full size. Do you like that deal? We both get what we want."

"Yes, I agree", you tell her. "Just give me the lamp so I can call the genie and get this over with."

She lower the lamp down to you and you use both hands to rub it as hard as you can and a moment later the genie appears in an even more incredibly seductive outfit than earlier. "What do you wish for your final wish my master she asks standing next to Raelin and looking down at you.

You think for a moment a decide to

Your choices:

  1. double cross Raelin
  2. keep your promise to Raelin

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