Raelin Returns to Your Chambers

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By: northgate

Raelin returns to your private chambers where she removes the chain where you are trapped from around neck and drops it on the bed. You struggle to get untangled as she walks around the large room examining all of your things. She comes back to the bed just as you are almost untangled and smiles down at you. "Don't you like hanging between my beautiful breasts? You liked when I let you kiss them.", she asks you.

You look up at her as you remove the last of the chain from around your leg and you watch her remove her halter top exposing her breasts. "Oh, your breasts are wondrous but I'd like to enjoy them when I am full-size again not dangling helplessly for everyone to see.

She ignores your mention of being restored to full size and instead looks around the room. "I like these chambers. They are so nice and spacious. Wil you give them to me. I want to live here instead of in the harem. I could be your first wife maybe your only wife."

"I'll consider it", you say to appease her, "But first I want my ring back. I don't want to be four inches tall anymore." You decide you need to be firm with these girls and you add, "I order it!"

She smiles down at you and opens her hand where is is holding the ring. "This ring?", she asks innocently, "Well you don't want to be four inches tall anymore and I would like to enjoy these chambers but you won't give me an answer. So, I have an idea to solve all of the problems." Raelin touches the gemstone on the ring and says, "I wish the sultan was one inch tall.".

You are again transformed and everything around you grows four times bigger. You start screaming at Raelin but she ignores you plucking off the bed and setting you astride her erect nipple. "There my little sultan, you can enjoy my wondrous breast while hidden away and you can have time to consider making me your only wife.".

You struggle to stay on this enormous nipple and not fall to the ground far below as Raelin puts her top back on which is tight enough to secure you in place against her breast without crushing you. As she leaves to return to the harem she tells you, "Now you have the rest of the day to think about me and when we come back tonight I expect a proposal or I'll make you so small no one with ever find you."

Your choices:

  1. Later that night Realin returns and release you

Retrieved September 13, 2016